Friday, October 1, 2010

an emo post..

recently, i came across another blogger.. something that strikes mi about tis blogger is the close friendship she has with this ger.. and the feeling is mutual..
i mean, well, ppl change in different stages of life.. frens come n go in out of life.. u made new frens.. u get chummy wif new frens.. and sometimes when they r in ur life so much so that your contact wif old frens decrease, the once present closeness deteriorate or even cease..

or perhaps in the midst of your growing up, u realise the fren that u once know hardly feel like u reali know them... or u hav grown up too fast or they have grown up too fast until either one gets left behind n nobody turns back to pick e other one up again..

so my point is when reading through the archive of this blogger, the friendship between her and e other ger was truely heartfelt.. even if they have spent like 2 years apart in different countries.. even if they hav grown up in different ways.. when they finally met each other again, e fear and apprehension fr her was instantly dissipated.. its like they have never spent tat 2 years apart.. true that they have grown up in their different way.. it did not keep their friendship away..

u noe its like when u have spent years not contacting tat fren, e trepidation of not knowing what to say when u finally c tat fren is there.. e awkwardness, e uneasiness where u worried what if u boggled up and e rest of the time spent will be basically crap and tat spells the end of the entire frenship tat took years to build up in e 1st place..

i was completely astounded by e sincerity of friendship that she has had for her fren n vice versa.. soulmate has its sudden new definition all over again..

it moved me to tears nearly when i came across a post where (lets call e blogger A1 and e fren A2..) A2 who was away in a far faraway land tis time such tat she cldnt celebrate A1's bday wif her..
she "conjured" a surprise party for A1 even though she was far faraway..
n besides a surprise party, she even came up wif a surprise blog post for her.. where she tried means n ways to log into A1's blog acct to write tat particular post for her..
in short, its abt e various bday celebrations spent together...
she even made one video for A1 for another occasion which both of them cried.. sooo nice..
to that extent, it made mi touched... that e friendship they shared is not bounded by the distance that is in between them..

how many chances in this lifetime can you find two such frens so dedicated to each other.. who will go an extra mile for each other unconditionally..

i tink i have seen tis kind of friendship in S & A..

then it got me thinking... i am always e one making tat kind of video for frens.. not that im complaining.. im not becos i did those videos willingly and most imptly whole heartedly.. i dun mind giving my 100% for things that i find it worthwhile.. i reckon that's why it always resulted in mi doing silly things for alot of ppl.. and for some ppl who are not even worth it.. and i onli realised after a long long moment.. even my mum scolded mi for being silly too T___T

then i tink further - who will make one such video for me??? who will go that extra mile for me when i have not make the first step out??? izzit usually a two way ticket or just a one way trip to Oz Wonderland..

so here's my wishlist for 2011..

frens who dote on me can also dote on mi in a material sense :D

Wishlist 2011:

1. Panasonic LX5 camera (you can choose to sponsor me for any amount you are willing to part with so that i can cum it and get the camera.. LOL.. but pls dun come and tell mi you wan to sponsor mi with one dollar or anything along tat line.. i will ask u go and fly a kite!! one dollar cannot even buy the screw that holds the body together!)

2. Polaroid Camera with Film

3. Isetan/Tangs Vouchers

4. A whole new wardrobe cum room revamp.. (this sounds machiam like a gift from myself to me..)

5. Prada bag (know why i put tis as the last?? becos i knew tis is hardest to achieve unless i achieve it through my own hardwork.. else i can only hope one day a lightbulb will suddenly blink on top of someone's head and he realise yaa his gf does deserve one bag for... erhmmmmmmm... her silliness and mayb sometimes cuteness.. *MAJOR BUAY PAISEH* yeah.. some nice fantasy there..)

i am very smart, isnt it?? to start with an emo post and end off wif mi.. HA HA HA..


  1. hahaha i still tot ur bday wish is someone to do a video of u before coming to the last part! i oso gonna be getting the Panasonic LX5 by yr end if someone honour his words. lol!

  2. You want to change camera AGAIN?!!!!! (-___-)""
    And didn't you just revamped your entire wardrobe from TW trip?
    I like point 5. Hahaa, cute.

    I I I I I speeccchless.

  3. lollll nope it's not change camera.. it's juz getting another camera..

    no la I dun mean revamp as in change of clothes again.. is to find some wardrobe space for my clothes!!

  4. so i'm 2 buay paiseh n say pls sponsor mi! lolll

  5. hey gal...

    must quickly get the Polaroid Camera with Film le if what seb reads online is right. he says there are reports saying that the camera will slowly phase out liaoz. then horz...his sis told me there is this super chio fuji polaroid camera at RWS that is in brown vintage colour...sounds good huhz..only $30 more ex than normal. i cant wait for my birthday to come soon so tat i can buy one also... =P


  6. hahaa i dunno leh.. too many cameras.. i dun even noe which is e priority..