Friday, October 15, 2010

missing childhood days...

been lazy to blog recently becos super uber no inspiration...

was preoccupied wif some unnecessary 胡思乱想.. den decided 2 put those thoughts at the back of my mind and carry on wif life..

therefore no inspiration and mood to properly blog..


out of a sudden, i was hit by an inspiration to blog as i was walking under the hot sun wif e breeze blowing on my face..

it reminded mi of my grandma's hse..

i dunno y.. but its always tat particular bright sun wif a slow breeze blowing in the middle of the afternoon that ignites the nostalgia in mi...

it brought back memories of my childhood sundays all spent at 外婆 hse... and the weather generally stayed bright and sunny wif tat slow breeze blowing into the hse when a grp of cousins gathered at her place.. it used to an uncle's hse rite next to my 外婆 hse and we had the whole corridor and the stairs landing all to ourselves..

had hopscotch, zero-point, role play like doctor, teacher, 才华横溢出新秀 etc.. u name it, we play it..
we kapo chalks fr sch, paper to make believe the game..
the onli two boys back then were even forced 2 play such games wif us gers..
we even held our own scavenger hunt consisting of gifts tat we wanna give each other..

once, i rem, we found an old washing machine wif a lot of marbles in it at the stairs landing.. we got reali excited and even had a MAJOR quarrel on who should keep the nicer marbles..

we camwhored at the stair landings..

we had our numerous quarrels as well during those times.. even can hav different groups amidst of so limited ppl.. wif qi being the leader of the main group.. i was usually the outcast by her becos somehow i did alot of silly things 2 incur e warth of her..

and we all grew up... everything changes... uncle moved away... the gatherings on sundays get less and less frequent...

i rem how much i always anticipated 2 go 2 my 外婆 hse on a sunday.. and i would pester mummy to must bring us to my 外婆 hse..
when it was near to late afternoon, i was nearly always disappointed for needing to go off so soon... sometimes played until so tired where i wld fall asleep in e bus..

i missed the feeling of squeezing wif mummy n sis on a two seater in e bus.. its heartwarming.. i missed the feeling of always wanting to climb to the 2nd deck seats...

gone were the days of no monday-blues.. gone were the days of wanting to go to the 2nd deck.. now i became so lazy and clumsy until i dun reali climb to the 2nd deck anymore.. 
gone were all these days when mummy and 外婆 are no longer around.. CNY became a very pointless celebration to me...

these memories became my most precious memories of my childhood..


  1. Don't 胡思乱想 and don't sad when you remember the past....
    Seems like the memories you had were happy ones, so keep smiling! :)

  2. ur entries on day at ah ma house also make me teary.. ya, i miss our childhood too. -MJ

  3. yeah, i wish i nv hav 2 grow up...
    i v long nv c u le la!!! mit us soon in ahma's hse when we go there again..