Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Praying Selina can recover soon

feeling kinda heartbroken from reading all the news regarding selina's burns..

as my dear frens wld noe how much i love this grp S.H.E and how long i hav been following them, never once tinking of deserting the idolism for this grp for others..

i like the friendship tat i can see between them.. the rapport between them.. how they connect to each other even though they hav came from various places from the start.. a true, sincere and heartfelt friendship i c in them that i barely can say for the same for other grps...

when i 1st read the news in the New Paper.. first tot that came into my mind was muz b a gimmick.. tis cannot be true.. how cld such a thing befall on selina... you can nv believe totally wat newspaper or magazine is writing.. for all u noe, it mite be all scam, juz trying 2 make u buy more copies back to read..

they r e luckiest ger grp i feel.. wif all the 天时地利人和 that brought them to fame..

n tis lucky ger is gg 2 get married next year.. wat kind of joke is this for a filming to go awry??

its reali funny how god likes 2 play wif humans' fate... who can fathom that when everything is gg so smoothly on tis end, it mite spell sth amiss on the other end??

when i read on the news, a sinking feeling seeps in.. yeah, wth, this is true... poor selina indeed got burnt.. u noe how newspapers always like to exaggerate their headlines... i reali tot it cld one of those moments again.. n den when u read on, u realise "chey, juz a slight burn onli la.."
then it shocked mi... 3rd-degree burns.. i was still fumbling in my own mind of encyclopedia how serious is exactly 3rd degrees burns... how come newspapers made it out to be so frigging serious like tat..
isnt 1st degree burns e worst??
my mind is always mixed up wif how we always like to play wif numbers.. like sometimes we will associate 1 being the most important hence anything serious will hav to be link with 1 so on and so forth.. n like when we wanna express how much we like sth den 5 is being associated..

tis is where i hav to thanks uncle google for help... that i can get my facts correct.. 1st degree burns to 6th degree burns.. with 1st degree being situations like sunburn and 6th degree where bones can be revealed from the burn...

so can u imagine the impact of 3rd degree burns?? they leave extensive scars...

especially for a showbiz artiste, its almost equivalent to near suicide.. OMG... now then it dawned on me why they say its a long road of recovery for her...

this is also WHERE you can see what i meant by sincere love and friendship exist between these three gers so much so that even Hebe's mum jumps out to lend a helping hand..

seriously, my heart aches.. n i am nearly in tears when reading the article..

"Jen was not so lucky. She suffered third degree burns on her arms, hands, finger, thighs and back. Skin grafts have been planned for Jen though it is unknown how these injuries will affect her career. "

why so unfair one T_______T *shakes fist*

on my own wishful thinking, i wish i can b there to lend tis pretty young lady a support, sincerely sincerely prayng tat all the skin grafting and whatever shit they r doing can restore everything back to place for her...

dedicated to my beloved S.H.E...

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