Tuesday, October 19, 2010


now that i have tried single-handedly to whip up some dishes...

now then that i realised cooking is reali tedious work especially for working women nowadays.. even when i wish to whip up some VERY simple dishes, the preparation time is enough to kill mi..

especially so when i woke up like 5.30am tat day not to prepare the ingredients but to accompany a fisherman for his fishing trip...

especially when i decided to take the plunge myself to cycle to and fro from bedok jetty to mac and packet back macdonalds for two fishermen all by myself... i am not trying to boast on anything.. but i am indeed very pleased wif myself for being able to cycle so far without any company tis time round... becos those who had cycled wif mi should know how shaky i am with bicycle.. i nv tot i can manage to cycle on my own without any surveillance on a busy ecp road.. least say about packing food n drinks back on the bicycle..
frankly speaking, i nearly gave up when i was left wif 1/4 of the journey to macdonalds.. becos firstly i dunno if my bicycle will get stolen if i left it outside macdonalds.. n secondly, i reali cld not imagine how am i gg to cycle wif all e food dangling on the two sides of the bicycle..

SO I REALI DID IT.. ha ha ha..

so all in all, it had been a very tiring day after all the so called exercise n basking in the sun... i still had to go back n cook...

my favourite potatoes with luncheon meat and tomato sauce..
attempted a few times..
turned out to be quite okie la..
peeled n washed the potatoes by myself..
dear BF onli helped to open the luncheon meat can -_-

my very first attempt on this black pepper chicken..
they liked it :)
and finished everything except the onions and green peppers of cos..

my failed terribly fried rice..
i dunno what exactly went wrong.. but the taste turned like "orh"(yam) rice instead of fried rice
i tried to cook my mummy's way... which is the black black one..
and i naively tot fried rice should be the simplest..
so cooking taught mi sth.. it reali needs some skills..
anyway tis dish is the one that kills mi..
makes my poor arms ache like mad.. like i hav suffered rheumatism like tat..
its a combination of cycling cum stirring rice tat caused such result..

my favourite peanut soup too..
halfway through the preparation, i hav blanched the ribs and peanuts...
when i was about to put the ingredients, it suddenly occured to mi if i sld wait for the water to boil or not before putting down all the ingredients.. i mulled to myself for reali long..
den decided i had enough waiting in case my ribs became useless aft being exposed 2 e air for too long, i threw caution to the wind and threw everything in..
they liked it too.. say e soup v nice..
i cooked in mummy's style as well.. so it means no scallops added..
i din like it v much.. somehow feel sth was still missing..
until it hit mi two days ltr that i sld put light soya sauce for added taste instead of salt!
mummy always put light soya sauce instead of juz salt...
hai.. wan 2 try again next time if i hav e chance..
but now i noe how to brew soup!!

i was worrying for the entire night the nite before that what if i bungled up the entire cooking session... after all, the last time i whipped up a series of dishes was when i had to cook for my home econs practical session..
v heng it turned out not too bad except for the fried rice.. and it was satisfying when ppl do like the food..
i found out that i do enjoy cooking.. although seriously i am v slow in cooking.. it took mi from 2pm to 6pm to prepare the ingredients and cooked onli 4 dishes..

a fren brought her red bean soup/paste along.. e critic is it's very nice!! wanna learn fr her too...

next up: i hope i can try my mapo tofu soon...


  1. Wow! U r gd!!! Everything looks really nice.... I would like to try ur soup... I try to cook soup but eric always say mine is too bland... Perhaps I put too much water and maybe the brewing time is not long enuff.... Its so diff from my mum's as well...

  2. The fishermen are trying hard to harvest some fish for dinner but failed... whahah!!! :)

    Yeah i am soooo proud of u... the fried rice is not tat jialet afterall, Amanda praised u for it.
    The chicken is napshot!

    Will give u the chance to perform again :p

  3. Ehh. I really tot it was a yam fries rice eh. Lol

  4. junie: okie! i will cook some soup for u soon!!
    n key thing 2 cooking soup is e ingredients added n mayb add some light soya sauce.. healthier than salt.. hahaa

  5. oh, and i forgot to add that while i do all the cooking, dear BF helped with all the washing after tat.. hahaha..
    he said to wake him up after im done wif cooking and he will wash up...
    not bad la huh, dear BF.. haha..

    okie, i shall wait for the chance to improve den :D

  6. Lani: HAHAHA, so if i din mention anything, u will go on thinking tat its yam fried rice??
    tats y i said it failed terribly.. haha

  7. Ooooh looks yummy! I want to try the chicken can?
    Looks like you're starting to practise for the potluck party too. WOOHOO!

    Bring your Best Dish!

  8. You will cook soup for me? I feel so loved!Perhaps I can learn from u! :)

  9. wah did i see wrongly??? Lani???
    Ni ye lai le ah... ahhaha...:p

    No prob... plenty of chances. Maybe 1 day u can cook for your JC friends to test test...