Wednesday, October 20, 2010

My Ice Skating after sooo long..

yes, like after at least 7years since i last stepped into an ice skating.. probably since uni years onwards, i have nv stepped into an ice skating rink anymore..

i finally got my wish fulfilled (well, half.. another half i will come to it soon..) when my dear sisters agreed on this impromptu gathering..

it was actually spurred on when i saw sian's pics wif her frens on e rink... then i tot OMG, how long hav i last stepped onto a rink?? not that im superbly good in ice-skating.. in fact, i cant skate very well LOLLL..
i simply juz like the feeling on ice n e cool cool wind that blows when i can skate reali fast around the rink..
erhmmmm, under the help of an expert skater of cos..

i used to ice-skate very frequently back then in secondary.. where i met a bunch of guys who were pretty into ice-skating... was somehow brought into it by them cos they were fanatic of ice-skating and bowling.. somehow bowling din rub off mi well... then i realised ice-skating is a reali fun sport and most importantly, i dun even perspire :D

i envisioned back in younger days when i had no bf and i was holding tis silly crush for a guy that how nice it would be to actually skate around the rink hand in hand wif my boyfriend..
that he would be there 2 pull mi along n protect mi as we skate..
an occassional fun of teasing each other on the ice..
yes, that is my another half of wish not fulfilled...

our skates...
v long nv stand on skates.. but surprisingly, can balance pretty well on skates though wif a little trepidation..

din reali like the newly renovated Kallang ice-skating rink..
it used to be a very cosy ice-skating rink even though it was small compared to Jurong one previously..
Now that Jurong one was also closed down.. Kallang became the onli option..
it's been so long since i last stepped into a rink until such that i din even noe that kallang one was closed temporarily for renovating..
it din feel like it has been renovated.. felt tat it became dilapidated instead compared to the past kallang one..
i wish they can do sth about the deco and return the old cosiness back..

the gers laughing at mi for wearing like tat to the rink...
i am trying out this dress bought from hk last dec..
so apparently tis dress is too warm for normal weather except for such occasion...

just to show all of us in skates...

coincidentally , i found tat mayb it is reali a dream for most gers who like to ice skate that they would like to hold their bf's hands in the rink..
i was watching a korean drama recently.. e female lead brought tis guy to e rink n said out my exact tots, dumbfounding mi for the moment..
she mentioned that she has always wanted to hold the hand of the guy she likes to skate around a rink..
its hard to explain why exactly muz it be on e rink...
perhaps its juz e security that can be felt and tat u noe u can entrust ur hand 2 him in e rink as he leads u around..

its like..... a fairytale...


  1. erm... I will lead you into the wall lehz "-.-

  2. HaHa.. Mr Tavis, no harm trying! And there's no wall around the ring - so you dun have to worry... :)

  3. junie, muackz!! hahaa

    dear BF, i can hold ur hand n walk ard.. its more romantic tis way... hahaha