Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Do you like to feast??

I like!!

although i will feel v guilty after each feast.. it still didnt stop mi fr continuing to feast aft e guiltiness pass..

which brings mi to my next point... how often do u feast?? does tis happen frequent ever since u start working?

do u realise like ever since we start on working, the tendency to feast on a good meal or having buffet has increased tremendously?? even though chances r we have lower stomach capacity for buffet but we still like to find chances to actually go for one.. especially when there is high raves about a particular one...

my urge to feast got worse ever since i got back from tw.. for a profound sense of "i dunno why either"
seems as though to me tat every wkend, there seems to be a reason for feasting..

does this makes u feel like salivating? haha.. i purposely one..

went to rajah inn for a steamboat gathering with my sec sch gers..
it was fully packed.. if without pre booking, i doubt we cld get any seats on tat day..
i've been there once and the goodiness of the side dishes etched themselves deep in my mind n stomach..
which is e reason why i suggest this place to them instead of Chong Qing in Suntec..
though i wldnt say their soup base is very fantastic.. however their variety of food is GREAT.. e plus point is their side dishes actually..

this is my soup base.. herbal chicken.. quite bland until i had to add my own soy sauce..
had to purposely choose tis one becos e rest were mostly having tom yam..
those who know mi, u noe how much i like hot dogs.. tis steamboat speaks for everything..

tom yam soup base..
in e end i still like e tom yam soup base e best..
poor ping had a craving for ma la steamboat.. but also becos we wanna save cost tats y we din go chong qing steamboat which has her ma la soup base..
to make up for it, i suggested for her 2 add more chilli padi 2 make it spicier..
it kind of worked temporary for her 2 curb her ma la craving, i hope...

onli remembered to take photo when e meat was already half gone..
happened for many dishes.. becos i was too indulged in eating T___T

same, nearly done for one dish le den remembered i wanna take photo to blog -_-

qz's favourite dang ou.. n she was e onli one eating it...
too bad her partner in dang ou miss yun wasnt around on tat day...

this is the funny part..
i remembered there was one side dish tat i liked v much fr tat one time experience..
but becos it was ordered by my fren so i din take note of e name..
anyway it was like two yrs ago already.. even more that i hav forgotten e name of the dish as well..
so i tried my luck at ordering tis pork fried with dried chilli.. n actually i ordered quite a few other dishes of similar colour tat i cld rem..
n tis was e rite one.. but not sure why it has gotten even spicier fr last time..
so i ordered another one immed..
n waited damn frigging long...
so long until i already reminded the waitress for THREE times.. n e dish was still not here yet..
my frens asked mi to forget it n laughed each time i reminded e waitress..
they declared they were too full 2 help mi finish up if the dish reali comes..
i seriously tot i cld finish it..
until the dessert came..

ordered choc fondue...

n do u c a plate of fruits in e pic?? i ordered tat too..

plus some durian ooze.. not nice one i tell u...
so ended up in e midst of eating all these desserts, my fav dried chilli pork came!
by now, i cld barely stomach anymore pork wif all e dessert swimming inside..
but becos of my stupid silly determination to get tat dish and at e brink of giving up hope for tat dish, it came..
i still had to stuff a few pieces into my mouth in hope tat they wldnt charge us for food wastage..
the gers reali din help at all T__T

to end off for this feast, this dish is also nice.. rem 3536 for order!!
y no actual pic for this dish? becos i forgot to take again!




JUMBO Seafood Feast...

just following tat steamboat came the jumbo seafood feast..

it was for celebration for dear sian's bday... n as usual, everyone was v excited to see little Ariel too..

at first, i set the dinner place at crystal jade suntec.. becos we hav 2 find a baby friendly enough restaurant...
but somehow i felt crystal jade suntec was simply too boring for a bday celebration..
its nth reali special becos well, we can go there at any time of e year..
still, no special restaurant strikes mi yet at tat pt in time.. so bo bian tat i gotta fix there 1st...

until one fateful day, dear BF was asking mi where r we gg 2 eat for sian's bday?? i said crystal jade.. n he said BORING!
den he continued, y nv consider go jumbo or where else to eat..

can u see the lights brighten at the top of my head?? it was a FABULOUS idea!! becos firstly we have nv travelled so far to have dinner together b4 (other than JB and tat was like umpteen yrs ago???) n secondly, we nv have had SEAFOOD together as an entire grp before too... in SINGAPORE.. n i dun tink we ever had dinner in ECP before too.. even e seafood memory in JB became very VAGUE... i cldnt even recall what kind of seafood did we order tat time..

instead i remembered the time when i went wif yun, rong n qz, we ordered like crayfish, crab, one veg.. n there was A SILLY CAT which scared e hell out of mi there..

okie back to my point is reali has to pat pat dear bf's back for his ingenious idea.. everyone took to e idea.. it got us quite excited abt it also..

so dinner venue set...

it was a very simple bday celebration for our dear fren... simple but i felt quite happy tat nite feasting wif a bunch of dearest sisters around the table..

chilli crab together...
guess what?? yes, i was enjoying the food too much once again tat i forgot to take any pic of the black pepper crab T______T

so more chilli crab pics instead..

i remembered to take tis.. becos somebody asked gg 2 take photo ma?? i forgot hu..
some scallop thingy wrapped in yam..
when we ordered, i wasnt expecting tis..
i was expecting the usual traditional yam ring wif some nuts n scallops inside..
was quite disappointed when tis came.. not very nice though..

we ordered too little of this, i feel..
onli M (food also got S, M, L.. machiam like buying clothes..) for this dish..
sld hav ordered L becos its nice n i tink everyone dun reali dare 2 take a lot cos it was too little..

our bday ger, looking pretty in tis pic.. hehe

the darling of our grp now..
she dripped her drool on her daddy's head..
big sacrifice for the daddy.. should b voted as #1 DAD of 2010..
becos i foresee if there is drool on dear BF's hair, something drastic mite happen instead..
so a gentle warning to my gers, u can do ANYTHING to him but NOT HIS HAIR..

the drool part if i din rem wrongly..

more of her..
cannot resist.. she's so cute!!
sigh, love her so much...

i have tis indescribable fondness about little baby gers..
they juz grow on mi like tat..
especially one tat looks as cute as Ariel..

family photo!
all r so happy..

Please dun read this at nite... and if you are already reading this to the end at nite and you are feeling hungry..
dun blame mi.. GO GET SOME FOOD THEN :)
calories are meant to be shared O.o

okiethxbai :D


  1. What abt baby boy? Haha... Will u like him as well?

  2. Can we please resume our healthy week? Even my dad said I put on weight!!!!! &Q#*@$(@*&$@#(#$&!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. let's go regular running, on??
    anyway my gym membership expiring and im NOT going to extend anymore..
    anytime can go stadium run!!

  4. Waste money la! Don't sign gym.
    Let's resume our healthy week (which we ended after 1 session.... Lol!)....