Friday, October 22, 2010


it has grown to be such an almost common phenomenon now...

in Japan, most girls had wigs on..


because its the most convenient accessory invented..

it is no longer seem as an accessory for helping ppl to cover up for their shortcomings.. it has became a fashion fad... so much so that more and more wigs are manufactured to make it look reali reali natural..

before i actually got myself a wig, i wanted one very much.. it can save mi so much trouble for tonging my hair all the time.. n possibly saving mi from dropping even more hair after all the tonging...
tink of all the time as well it can save mi from my preparation...

i tink my dear gers are very intrigued to know how exactly the feeling is like for putting on a wig.. so here's goes for some of the pics taken...

ta-da - my brunette wig...
when i finally got this wig, i was reali excited..
i tried it on immed without any makeup..
as usual, it din look nice if i din hav any makeup on.. i look eccentric instead..
but also i tink my forehead is not tat high enough to accomodate the fringe part..

tried with a marine cap so tat it can somewhat helps 2 cover up the fringe portion..

wearing wig turns out to be actually quite tiring on the head... i hav to scrunch up all my hair into a hair wig.. den put on the wig one.. the wig itself has an elastic band around which scrunch up my head even more..
the plus point is its reali convenient.. gone is the 30mins needed to tong my hair..
the con is i cant reali do much except to wear hats/caps.. i dun reali dare to tie it up for fear of all the curls getting tangled.. n tat it wld reali show to be very unnatural...

can you believe that i went to cut my wig's fringe?? it was reali too long for my forehead..
i had no choice but to take the plunge and cut it with a lot of caution..
i din wan my wig to be ruined without wearing it out once..

do you tink it reali looks natural???
the curls are damn nice and frigging long...

more camwhore..

the feeling is it is reali COOL wearing a wig... its even nicer than my own hair T___T and i can finally has my long hair back...
also for temporary measure while i am still nursing my own hair back to health..
but but but, wigs dun suit sg weather at all... it gets reali hot when wearing wig for too long...
wait for the chance and i will wear it out for u gers to c...


  1. THAT IS A WIG?! I thought its your real hair... That will help to ans whether you look natural or not...

  2. Hahahaha I was about to suggest cutting the fringe to fit your forehead.... then a few photos later and you mentioned you cut the fringe...

    Wear it out! Not to the bbq of course. Later I'll ask you why your head keep dripping water... Hehehehe.

  3. i also wish its my own hair!! T__T

    lol, yeah i tink e same too.. cannot wear 2 bbq.. n it will stink fr e smoke.. cos i dunno how 2 wash e wig yet.. LOLLLL 

  4. wear it out during our next gathering!!! yeah... i also think it looks natural from the pics...the colour seems nice!