Wednesday, October 6, 2010

no self control

body going to fall apart from just one nite of running....

with less than 5 rounds........ for... erhmmmm... less than 30mins..

was told if i run so slowly, there's no use at all in losing weight.. i was like "WHAT?! like tat i run for wat... I cant run fast.."

if i run fast, i cannot even tahan 3 continuous rounds of running T_______T

at least xuan kept 2 her promise 2 eating healthy food after running.. what did i eat?? i ate CARROT CAKE.. -_-||| all efforts gone again...


  1. It's ok to run slow... Normally fats starts to burn after 20 mins... U start to run mayb 1/2 an hr for the 1st time then slowly lengthen when u get use to it...

  2. You forgot my Famous Amos cookies for dessert??!! Hahahaa....
    It's ok, it's still a good start to keep fit.

  3. i purposely left tat out n u go n put it in urself!! hahaha

  4. Hwahhahaha, whoops.
    The entire pack of 250g is almost gone. Hello back calories!

  5. Jun it takes forty five mins before u burnfats... It's juz losing water... If u dun like to run... Can do aerobics etc :)


  6. 45mins?! i tink i am dead by then... the entire body will fall apart..

    peng.. so all my past workouts in e gym had been totally fruitless T___T

    how abt soaking in sauna for half an hr?? does it burn fats???

  7. jia you gal! I'm oso starting to exercise.. was on the treadmill for less than half hour and oso almost wanna die liaoz.. burnt off onli 100 calories (indication by the treadmill)..

    and my colleague told me that one cup of milo can easily hit 300 calories.. zzzzzzzzzz

    try to eat something light after the workout? so far we usually eat fish soup after each workout.. maybe u can try fish soup!

  8. wahahhaa i reali wan 2 eat sth light.. but its not easy..
    okie i will eat fruits after workout le..