Thursday, September 9, 2010

Marina Barrage and Happy Holidays!

nah, i said before i wanna do a post on why my camera cannot function well at nite.. here it goes..
although i still do not have the answer to why my camera behaves like tat.. time to read some of the camera manual guide..

first, some of my pics again..

having my favourite tom yam mini steamboat at Thai Express Marina Square

scare u wif my big head pic!

off to marina barrage
first time go, v sua ku.. dunno how 2 go there..
n so many bangladeshhhhhhi..

in nite mode.. even by switching on my flash, still no flash come out!
our faces all became black silhouette against the background T__T max

can only take e scenery and also not very clear :S

emo max c his face..
because i tried so many times but to no avail to capture ourselves with the lighted background..
we r juz black silhouettes! because the stupid flash refused to light up!
onli when against the setting sky, den can c face :(

and when i finally figured out the night scene with protrait cld finally emit flash,
den all my images became blurry..
what is wrong?!
tried to focus.. but still blurry..
ended up that all our pics were blurry pics..
v v little turned out to b okie

onli cld capture nice lights like tis..

one of e few successful pics with mi not blurry plus nice background..
taken by an improving photographer who doesnt hav much interest in photography..

i figured if i dun figure out how 2 use my camera during night time real soon, the camera's ability will be v wasted.. and i will juz keep blaming the camera as if its reali the camera's fault and not mine..
seriously, whats wif e flash and focus pt.. i dun understand... or plainly my skills r tat bad???

in e end one effort-ful trip down to marina barrage, i did not manage to capture the beautiful nite scenery at all.. and dear BF said tis was going to be probably e one and onli trip he cld foresee so far..
wasted our effort in traveling all the way trying to take nice photos..


HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO ALL "WORKAHOLICS" - i.e. those who r now working la in long..

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  1. Why so sweet one! I never go Marina Barrage before too... And Lion King never go with meeeeee....