Friday, September 17, 2010

Snow Skin?? Traditional??


the once in a yr making-people-fat festival is here again...

there r so many varieties nowadays... so many weirder and weirder flavours popping out... even Haagen Dazs is making their mooncakes look like REALI small cakes now...

n so many known and unknown brands vying for popularity count..

until u almost dunno where to choose from... until i dunno which one is e most sought after this year..

three years ago was the much raved after GWP durian mooncakes.. then two years back RAFFLES hotel traditional mooncake, last year HOME'S FAVOURITE durian monncakes.. makes everyone spoilt for choice..

last yr or e yr before i tried GWP's durian mooncake.. nth reali great 2 rave about.. i dunno how come so many ppl r queuing up for their mooncake.. the snow skin is too thick for my liking and the durian doesnt ooze out the way i wan it to be.. or mayb tat year they din hav their best durian mooncake.. anyway my sis din like it too..

SO this year, here's our choice.. late by one year but nonetheless still as nice..

TA-DA! packaging so nice one!
it's PINK!!
one durian mooncake in one styrofoam packing plus one outer pink label..

this year i must say, all the hotels have reali outdone themselves in the packaging..
every year, i will tink to myself, what kind of new ideas can they come up with for their packaging next year.. n each year nv fails to amaze me..
this year, the design for mooncake boxes are generally either round in shape like this one or those elongated boxes like traditional miniature drawers..
SO PINK and nice until i cant bear to throw away the packaging..

show u samore.. comes wif one round box.. v eco-friendly..
becos can recycle and use it to store things.. at e same time still looks so niceeee..

problem is after putting my things inside, where can i keep the box?? leads to another storage problem after solving the first one.. so ironic..

here's the goody goody mooncake...
u can hardly taste the skin becos it almost melts in ur mouth together wif the durian..
and the durian oozes out!

nah - makes u salivate even more..
GO BUY! its nice!!

p.s. we finished the one and a half of the mooncakes in juz less than half an hour.. i din time exactly la.. but its about there.. e last half was resisted becos my conscious mind was thinking abt the calories count.. and we were trying to save the half for my dad.. in e end he said he too full, cldnt eat -_-||

p.p.s. this year we din hav our usual mooncake celebration at xuan's hse.. becos she is currently away.. sooooo MISS her.. kind of weird.. cos we hav been having such mooncake celebration for the past...... erhmm.... mayb...... five years????? *shrugs* STM nowadays... miss the young young days where we wld go play wif fire sparkles, games, drink tea and eat mooncakes at her place.. this year everything seems to pass very fast.. 15 days of CNY also flew in a flash.. then mooncake festival also like not much time to prepare for mooncake tasting and shopping and after this weekend it's gg to pass by soon too..

hope you have a happy weekend celebrating and eat the make-you-fat mooncakes...


  1. wah luckily u do not have pics of durian oozing out else i will be puking out... ahahaha... :p

  2. Was that Tavis? hahaha...

    Eh girl, emicakes durian mooncakes also not bad!

  3. hahaha wat do u tink???

    alamak.. i forgot abt emicakes totally!! i got tavis 2 buy goodwood park one.. its still not as good as home's favourite.. he gotta buy GWP cos home's favourite is out of stock!!