Friday, September 10, 2010

A Tad TOO Many

what i am doing at this hour of the night.. already 3am and i am still not slping..
actually i am v slpy already..
but am fighting the slpiness to blog this.. appreciate my effort okie..


i shocked myself with the amount of repetitive things that i have..

i was looking for my hair clips initially.. terrible memory nowadays.. keep forgetting where i kept my things..

then i came across a BLUSHER which i hav bought out of temptation and have not used it yet!
AND i bought another blusher (MAC) a few mths after i bought #1 becos i was tempted with the packaging and colour..
AND i was still using my clinique blusher which is not even 1/4 used..
dunno why i NEED so many blushers for..



since i am at it.. i shall post up some of the items that i bought from TW..

i have bought like not one, not two but FIVE of similar designs of the lacey dress tops!





inside the box until now for dunno how many weeks ever since im back from TW..


found that already has like 9879 lipsticks in my collection..

but i add in another THREE more lipsticks to my 9879 collection..
one not in pic becos already opened up and used..

then add another collection of makeup from TW to my current 10010 cosmetic collection T_T
so many cosmetics.. i dunno how i am going to use finish all of them..
got shelf life samore T___T
see, still got some nicely packaged becos i cant bear to open them up and use it yet..

tis one not from TW.. but decided to add them in.. they are part of the cosmetics collection anyway..

now for my messy array of hair accessories collection..

close-up pic..
these are my prided hair bands..
the ribboned black one was fr TW..

my mini hat hair band and haven wore before yet..
couldnt find the rite occasion cos it looks exaggerated..
bought in Bugis Village..

im scaring myself wif the amount of repetitive things that i have.. sometimes i juz get carried away with buying things especially when overseas..

two walk-in wardrobes sound like the only solution but too bad, i do not have such luxury..

i am going to develop wardrobe and drawers space constraint headache very soon..

seriously, why singapore apartment cost must be so high?!

dun like when i c my room cluttered with SOOOOO many things and i have no capacity to revamp it

thinking of selling this bag..
i only used it for a week...
made of good suede-like material.. i bought it for NTD800...
r u interested?
drop mi a comment with ur desired price and i shall consider if i wanna sell it..



good nite


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  1. hee, me too am guilty of having a tad too many of some stuff. I keep buying lip gloss and balms. I orignally have about 5 lip sticks, gloss and balms. In a span of 1/2 a year, I have bought 3 from F21, 4 from VS, 2 from Taiwan, 1 given by you (and I like it sia!!!so convenient to bring ard), 3 given by my friend from US. And I only have 1 lip... =P