Wednesday, September 8, 2010

From Past till Present: 2002 - 2010 - How I have changed

nah, i decided to take a brave leap and scare u all with my past hideous pics..

inspired suddenly to do a blog post for me to remember how much i hav changed over the past 8 years..

partly also cos very bored dunno what to blog.. so scare u all wif e pics.. HA HA HA..

unable to show all e way back to sec sch time becos i am LAZY to locate the photos and scan them in.. YES, i am that lazy when it comes to doing an extra mile..

so 2002 it shall begin:

onli has one pic for 2002.. no digital cam during tat time.. or mayb was nobody had digital camera yet.. i tink so??? so all developed film one.. therefore limited pics becos i hav mentioned i am lazy to scan photos in.. so these r photos that were already scanned previously.. lucky u tat u still be able to see my 2002 pic..

was at the time where we juz graduated from JC and still able to hold a BIG grp gathering.. after a few more yrs, no more liao..

neo card time! can u imagine how old sch is tat?!?!?!
now cant reali find le T__T
mostly r those kawaii-neh stickers.. i dun like stickers.. they fade overtime..
but hmmmmm where did i keep e original hardcopy?? CHAM...

Ping's 21st bday..
OMG, that sounds damn old..
i shall carry on thinking i am still 21 now and forever..
not much makeup yet.. even lazy to make up for a chalet bday celebration lor..

at NDP wif e gers..
wear red T-shirt, very obvious rite..

Xmas gathering wif e gers..
i tink i looked older than yun in tis pic.. fml..

forgot for what gathering le..
my face looked so damn thin n sharp last time.. reali FML now..

this was when i started learning how 2 put on false eyelashes..
but did not put any double eyelid stickers yet.. becos everytime put, e result always failed max..
i hav very very stubborn single eyelids where they refused to stay double whenever i pasted e sticker..
NOW, thanks to the invention of improved double eyelid stickers.. i finally c some light..
considered pun?? haha
still look v small rite?? tat time haven discovered the wonder of eyeliner yet..

in JB with e gers.. our first JB trip i tink.. n probably my very first overseas trip..
i was damn thin during those days T__T
i wan back those damn thin days..
talk so much also no use..
when i am not taking any action T__T
food has become my next best fren.. i wonder when can i resist it T__T

discovered COLOUR CONTACT LENSES.. and experimented wif some double eyelid glue..
i rememebered somehow sth screwed up.. n i got damn gan geong..
in e end managed 2 savage n make do wif it.. surprisingly effect din come out to be too bad..
tat time was the Project SuperStar time n i was damn supportive of Kelly Pan..
got inspired by her glittery eyeshadow..
hence i went to experiment too..
n got my eyes all glittery up..

at a KTV gathering
i am WEARING clothes!! TUBE top, u noe, tube??

there, i nv bluff u..
our once crazy times in KTV.. nostalgic..
KBOX then used to be one of our favourite haunt.

my first genting trip wif e gers..
last time still so adventurous to try the theme park and took e space shot wif one of e gers.. e rest of the gers juz remained downstairs n watched us take flight up..
frankly, i was regretting already on e way up.. it was damn HIGH can! everytime wanna scare myself, den i will ask y do i actually wan 2 scare myself in e 1st place.. i still did it anyway..
n y so thin one T__T so nice.. wear wat also looks not bad..
now wear like tat mayb looks like ba zhang!
all the photos down consisted of my journey for false eyelashes.. cannot survive without them since dunno when.. look back up for e photos..

my kind of graduation trip to BKK wif xuan and shi..
was one of my happiest overseas trip.. couldnt forget all the memorable times we had spent together in BKK.. my actual 1st overseas trip in a plane..
first time taking plane... a bit apprehensive..
nv makeup becos in plane ma..


for sian's belated birthday.. dear gers, still rem this pic??
one of our rare times at shi's hse n i tink overnite samore..
scared shitless by shi's dogs becos they barked alot n are super hyperactive.. (i was dead scared abt dogs last time until slowly trained by shi's dogs.. HA HA HA.. tats how i overcome my fear..)

still having long straight hair..

my first tw trip wif dear BF..
could barely find one self pic in TW and i was surprised O.o
nearly every one of e pics are taken wif dear BF..

was at the crossroad of finding my dressing identity between 2007  & 2008..
couldnt reach a decision on what type of style i sld b carrying.. totally lost track on fashion and i was at one low pt abt my fashion sense during tat time..
it was e same feeling i had got aft my "A" levels where i mugged my books everyday..
until after exams, i finally stepped into Orchard Road and was so horrified how come my jeans could not match wif the current fashion..

so i sticked to mostly t-shirts n shorts when i was out for e weekend..
tis was at e zoo wif messy hair n i tink quite terrible dress sense.. look at e belt..
TAK MATCH i still cld wore it out?!

at sentosa wif dear BF..
tank plus shorts.. plus getting rounder T__T

my 自拍 period has started.. camwhoring non stop..
i like tis pic becos i rarely dun smile in pic..
n i tink i looked pretty cool in it wif nice straight rebonded hair..

 a different image???

i tink im improving.. HA HA..

started to realise the importance of hair styling..
until go wedding dinner also muz go salon n style hair -_-

my hk trip
one of my most natural makeup :)
but my fringe CUI to the max.. becos i GEI KIANG..
lazy to bring my straightener along n straighten my fringe in hk everyday..
so before e trip, i decided to go fringe rebonding..
either my fringe was too dry or e hairstylist's skills suddenly dropped by a notch..
my fringe got fizzed so badly tat i nearly wan to T__T the next day..
that was like one/two weeks before my hk trip.. how to remedy like tat??
everyday 死命的搽 conditioner on e fringe..

e start to reading my fav blogger's blog..
and saviour to my makeup n fashion sense i would say..
i learnt how 2 style my hair through her..
den went crazy abt hair accessories.. also becos of her..
den aft went crazy in my recent tw trip becos i am a fashion whore..
finally found back my fashion identity.. sort of..

n learnt how to camwhore fr mirror..
but still without much success till now..
n became crazified wif curls..

i kinda miss my long straight hair NOW..
n i tink my makeup has improved by leads n bounds over the years..

like i mentioned before, my smile is always lopsided when i tried 2 camwhore fr mirror..
what is wrong exactly??
i did my hair now for wedding dinner instead of approaching salon..
brilliant, isnt it?? :D
hair accessories do come in handy, though they cost a bomb -_-

lastly, in tw 2010..
e makeup was great on tat day :)

thats all!

how about yours?


  1. Haha hey I forgot I got that sweater until I saw it again in your Genting trip. Your HK pic the natural makeup pretty nice leh.

    Ps: Do you want me to dig out the older pics in JC? HEHEHEHEHE!!!!

    - Xuan

  2. hee...your changes have been good and I enjoy looking at it, cos u have become really very good at dolling yourself up (though along the way, we were like -.- with some of your obsessions with stuff... =p) and become prettier...good job!!! and I must say i love ur DIY hair and nails sia...teach me!!?!! though ive got curled hair now, but everytime i manual like wth!!! so ugly!!!

    and i agree!!! accessorize to the hair is super costly but i must agree with beautiful!!!

    wanna play with nails together??? Im very into it now...haha...we can use rong & yun fingernails..oppzz... =P


  3. yes!! i borrowed from u becos i dun hav nice clothes for colder wear.. tis style is coming back into fashion tis autumn.. some kind of nordic pattern.. u can wear it 2 europe!

    dig lor.. hahaha.. i already put up so many ugly pics.. a few more wont hurt..

  4. qz - hehe.. i can try to bring along one of my acrylic stuff on our overnight date.. lol.. actually my nails r v simply done one.. too complicated one i dunno how 2.. cos my art no gd.. LOLLLL..
    hair needs 2 go wif hair accessories den will b nice.. start investing! haha..

    i over-invested on a lot of nonsense things over e yrs...

  5. it got me thinking...

    nowadays edited (*fake*) pics r very common.. u can look extremely pretty either by

    1. minimal makeup then edit till siao wif photoshop and make urself look more presentable

    2. doll up till very pretty then still edit till siao to take away e flaws tat makeup cannot hide so tat u can look gorgeous..

    3.doll up until v pretty and use camera angling to make urself look even prettier without any photoshop editing..

    which one sounds more scary when u c e real person??

  6. great improvements!! I dun think i will ever make so much effort to doll up.. too lazy!!!

    teach mi on the fake eyelash part? i tried using the ones u gave to to try on.. just cant get it to stick.

    and qz, did i see my name there????? =p

  7. yea i tink ur make up in hk tat one v nice! n love seeing all ur changes over the yrs!

    lol yea waiting for our gals night cum mj session!!!

  8. Oooh now that Rong mentioned...
    Ting, teach me how to put falsies too. Each time I blink it drops. (O_o)" And I think I look super weird in it.. If really not suitable for my eyeshape, I pass to you.

  9. okie, im gg to charge a fee for lessons.. r u all gg 2 join my course?? lollllll

  10. Pass me application form please. Hahaha.. 1st student got waiver?

  11. Wooohooo... more n more hiao!!!!!!

    --------- WAIT!!!!!! -----------

    I haven finish my sentence... BUT
    hiao = more pretty ma... whahaha!!!