Wednesday, September 15, 2010

EOS Lens

im good.. so im gg to recommend a very gd coloured contact lenses to you...

its not becos i am onli going after the discount so i post tis entry on my blog (okie, i do am, at least a bit..) but becos its reali gd so i wanna share wif u guys..

i even waited until i received the lenses and tried it on... then i consider doing this post...

those hu noe mi, well u noe how BIG exactly r my eyes..
c the contrast after wearing the lens??
i swear i nv lie, the lens did do the trick.. they helped alongside with makeup.. 

im currently wearing grey EOS lens..
i bought a violet one too but haven tried it on yet...
i tink e difference is majestic compared to normal coloured contact lens in the retail market..

show you the difference between a Freshkon lens vs EOS lens..
im having about the same makeup...
but the whites did not appear to be so much through the help from the EOS lens..
can u see a more defined iris?? like it surrounds the whole eye and make ur eyes look kind of alluring??
ha ha ha.. i like it!

many said there's a vast difference between mi with makeup and with no makeup..
i used to get all perplexed and upset wif such comments..
but now it's okie, i will live with such comments..
at least i agreed with xx that i hav such skills to make myself better..
absolutely nth wrong wif tat..
i like to c myself pretty in makeup and most importantly i like to makeup..

so if u r reali interested in dolling up ur eyes, what are you waiting for??

Visit Makiyo Jazs NOW!! like NOW becos u miss all the offers!

they are currently having this sale for Sep at TWO pairs for $36 for EOS lens where e usual price can be UP. $25/pair..

considered one of the cheapest coloured lens you can find in SG.. normal R/P for Freshkon etc are at least $30 per pair..

This is almost like 50% discount for the lens *GASPS*

n if u r going for a GYARU look, this is definitely going to be your choice for coloured lens!

i strongly recommend EOS lens becos i feel they define your eyes even more than normal GEO lens..

im gg to get mine NOW!


  1. Ur eyes llok like the eyes of barbie doll.... :)

  2. Ting, ur eyes look like barbie doll... :)

  3. woww very nicee! but is it uncomfortable compare to normal lens?

  4. jun - u can also look like one! buy e lens!

  5. yun - nope nope.. its like wearning normal lens.. if u wan to try, u can top one pair to my order..

  6. For those who are interested in the lens and wish to try one pair onli, let mi noe n i can help to consolidate the order :)

  7. Ha ha! Ting, I can't get past the putting the contact lens into my eyeball! So no thanks!
    But I mus say u really look like a pretty Barbie doll! :)

  8. ya looks nice! makes me tempted!! =(

  9. hahaha if u all wan, i can help to combine order and u can get one pair for $17.. usual is $25 per pair..

    im placing my order soon..