Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Taiwan Prologue

a small little prelude on my tots for this tw trip before loading in the pics..

tis trip has been incredulous..

its fun for mi becos i already had the mind set on fanatic shopping...

i told myself if i like tis item, BUY before i regret when i get back to sg.. but funny thing is there's still regrets when i am back in sg...

tis gets even more incredulous when i realized i hit a whopping NT$13k in just one nite (inclusive of PayEasy items) which means to say i spent nearly NT$10k in 五分铺 in just one nite..

do not doubt ur eyes.. what i am saying is true..

u muz b curious to find out e total amt i hav spent in TW this time.. i din, well, expect it.. at least not until when i was there..

e entire shopping cum eating trip amounted to approximately SGD1.8k (just expenses alone.. note: i din not include in my air ticket n accomodation..)


i am not...

i believe i can hit more than tat amt if i din exercise a little self control towards e end.. n if not for e luggage weight... fyi, i hav already added in an additional 5kg excess baggage.. luckily it sufficed..

regrets that i did not get more denim shorts (becos their quality is reali not bad n e denim is short n comfy to wear..), more tops, more dresses etc etc..

silly, isnt it?? when i spent so much money, im still regretting i din buy enough.. what is enough??? i tink there's no exact definition to it..

I LOVE TAIWAN! hope i can go back soon...

pics will be up soon... surprisingly we din camwhore a lot this time.. quoting from xuan: i need 100 self camwhore pics a day and 300 pics for e trip itself per day.. but i did not achieve this target... i realize one thing.. its so paiseh to camwhore in tw when their locals dun reali take their cam out 2 camwhore on e streets.. i wonder those self taken pics in those top tw websites, where did e gers take their photos den???


  1. Hee... Sounds like a totally fun trip!!!! Makes me want to go Taiwan.... Haha...

  2. i miss taiwan too!!! i think $1.8k for shopping + expenses at taiwan is totally all right!!! haha...i also spent $1.2k++ when i was there almost 2 years back...i wan to go back i wan to go back... =(


  3. I still got post-holiday blues.... BOOHOO!
    I keep dozing off at work.

  4. yaa i miss it now too.. wish i can faster go back again..
    but i tink e best time 2 go is during sep/oct period.. cos they will be clearing the summer clothes n most summer items will b on sale..

  5. xuan - i also still feel v slpy... how??

  6. All the piggys awake!!!
    Back to reality!!!

    Got so fun mehz... din take pics of mei mei back for me to see. :(

  7. cannot even c shuai ge still wanna take mei mei pic back for u ah...

    actually got quite a few.. but all forgot 2 take back n let u c.. wahahahhaa

  8. wahahhaha...
    i oso...wished i changed more...
    regretted not buying more toiletries...
    more time in wulai for my prawns..etc etc...

    and honestly...
    the ppl there not THT cute la...
    i bet with tht amt of makeup and false lashes...
    we can oso look gd~heeee


  9. guess wat...heard oct is the best period coz of their annual sale...time to plan for next trip! roflz


  10. WTF... Did you just say you never buy enough toiletries???
    Thought you already have a truckload back home?