Friday, August 13, 2010

Jose Eber 25mm Curling Iron

Are you interested??

i am SELLING my 25mm curling iron right now...

it was bought in Jan 2010 and still in very good condition..
i BARELY used it so u can be rest assured that it is still very well maintained in my cupboard... because e frequently used one is over at dear BF's hse..

i can assure that there is no defects for this curler..

many r asking y do i wan 2 sell away my curler?

ans: becos i bought two curlers e last time.. n now i dun use e 2nd curler as often anymore.. so v simple, thats e reason why i am selling it off at such a price..
selling now at SGD90 (NINETY SINGAPORE DOLLARS)... very very cheap! becos outside you have to get it at ard SGD180... if you know how to bargain, prob $120-150...

perfect for girls who have no clue if they wan straight hair or curls..

and those who wish to try out how they look like in curls before taking the plunge..

and even for those who hav curls but loosen over time and u can use this curling iron from time to time to perk ur curls up without needing to spend more $ to touch up on ur curls..

you can even use this to style ur hair for wedding dinners, functions, parties to make urself look more glam.. curls r generally more glam..

it is a 25mm thick curling iron which means you can create big wavy curls or bouncy princess curls very easily..

It is very easy to make your entire head into curls using this iron..

- First, divide your hair into two portions..
- Then, hold up a portion of your upper layer of hair wif a giant clip.. you can start curling the lower layer section by section and hold for at least 1-2mins for one section.. pls do not grab too thick layer as the heat mite not eat into the hair and make the curls stay..
- After you r done with your lower layer, you can choose to tie the curls up before letting the remaining portion of ur hair..
- repeat same action for the upper layer n u can choose how high u wld like e curls to be..
- aft completion, u will hav a head of nice curls.. apply some styling cream if u wan to make the curls stay longer.. otherwise generally e curls can hold up at least 8 hrs before getting limp..

for illustration, pls see pics below.. they were all done up by this curling iron.

#1: junie's curls done by Jose Eber curling iron.

#2: curls done with Jose Eber curling irons but it was tied up so not very visible..

#3: also done up using Jose Eber curling iron..

pls drop me a comment if you are interested to get this curling iron..

That's all!



  1. CUTE! You use me as a model to sell ur curling iron! I'm flattered! :) And you even have on-line tutorial! Hee..

  2. Are you still selling the curling?

  3. hi, yes, i am still selling tis curling iron.
    if u r interested, u can drop mi an email @


  4. Hi! is the curler still available?

  5. hi, I'm sorry, this curling iron has been sold already :(