Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Taiwan Escapade Saga 4

here's a shorter post for day 4...

nth much except eat, shop n eat again at e same places..

focus today is on 永和豆浆.. no other pics because we went back to 西门町 and  士林 again..

it wasnt a very gd day because it rained practically non stop since afternoon onwards.. wif drizzle and heavy rain in between..

士林 is the worst.. initially when we reached, i was quite happy that the sky was clear.. no rain drops.. nothing.. we meant to go onli specific shops that shi wanted to go to.. plans changed when we took a tad too long in 士林.. our tour guide decided we mite as well stay in 士林 n shop till end of e street den we wld packet back our fav taiwanese snacks back to hotel for the last night's pig out.. it din go as planned once again when after an hour plus of shopping, the drizzle came.. we took refuge in a food stall.. then the downpour came soon after we finished our food.. that was why i did not manage to feast on my fav taiwanese food on the last nite T______T


they got mi to act like e ger in e advert.. everything including my expression failed terribly to the max T_T
totally not the same one...

this is where the 永和豆浆 is located.. rem ah.. dun say i nv intro..

need to get out turn right, then turn left, then cross the road, turn and turn again..
i forgot.............

we ordered both the normal soya beancurd and the salted one..

the salted one doesnt suit my tastebud.. but if nv order that, like nv been to 永和豆浆 like tat..
twisted human's mentality.. not nice also muz eat a bit 2 prove that we hav tried..
but their normal soya beancurd comes wif peanuts in it n its pretty nice when chilled.. worth a try..

some carrot thingy which i dun like either.. e person told us its some specialty too.. so we tried..

same as this.. 油条plus煎饼.. v normal i wld say..
e person commented that we r one of the few singporeans he bumped into who can speak pretty good mandarin.. HAHAHA.. so flattered..

锅贴again.. its not bad.. lose a little to 八方云集.. so  八方云集 must rem to try hor..

vain pic..

trying an artistic feel..

finally a train pic after so many days ltr.. e guy right in front sure can pose better than me.. HA HA HA..

chua bing again!! i dun tink we had enough of chua bing.. reminiscing now..

since we were back in the hotel so early, we din go clubbing as planned to... we started to pack... i had e worst headache when it came to packing on e last nite...

e gers packing 1st because they had to make room for xuan n mi to pack ours ltr.. u can say mostly is ME taking up most of the time until xuan had to pack last...
u cant c my stuff yet.. becos it was still cramped under tat dressing table behind xuan..

ta-da! here's my victory gains..
xuan n rain took time to help mi pack everything in my luggage.. reali v grateful to them.. otherwise i tink i mite need another big luggage without rain's help to cramp all the stuff neatly into various plastic bags and packing them in.. she did a wonderful job wif my shoes..

can u c a bag of heart-shaped plastic?
it was rain's work once again to pack 9999998 T-shirts into tat bag..

thanks to the gers who have in a way or another made this trip a pleasant n memorable one... its gg 2 b a nice memory to look back for years to come..


  1. WA WA WA! There's alot of Fun!!!! Taiwan indeed look great! Perhaps I might pester Eric to go there next JUne... Haha...

  2. omg!!!!too bad we are not in the mood to take pics drenched...almost partly, coz i m almost sick liaoz...we din go clubbing! wasted...shld have juz gone there...damnable!


  3. Pic #11 - Why you never ask me to pose supermodel like them??! Stick one hand into pocket and tilt.....

    Pic #12 - I agree. Next time we pose like this when waiting for MRT.

    Uhmmmm Shi, weren't you the one who were asking if we really still want to go clubbing cos you say we would be exhausted from endless days of shopping liao? I was still playing party music on my laptop that night lor.... Boohooooo.... :(

  4. oooopps... still trying 2 pick up photography skills.. next time okie?? we can do one in SG mrt.. wahhahaaa

  5. Ya la din go clubbing in taiwan is a waste man, should go experience it at the very least...

    Nvrmind i will TRY my best to arrange a guys outing to Taiwan with ahsu and co, then we will let u know the experience of clubbing there... jus for u gals... :P

  6. den i will make sure i jio all e gfs and TAG along... HAHAHAHAHAHA

  7. Mr T going Taiwan?


  8. he's trying to gek us for not gg clubbing :/

  9. if he's reali gg tw, i will make sure either i self invite myself along or i will get somebody along wif mi for e same trip.. HAHAHA