Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Taiwan Escapade Saga 5

An update.. pls scroll below..

having mixed feelings for the last day in Taiwan..

humans are very contradicting at times..

i was half hoping to go back to SG to find dear BF aft 5 days without seeing him.. wishing also if he had joined this trip den he cld enjoy all e nice food together wif mi as well..

on the other hand, half hoping the trip did not end so fast because once back in SG means i hav to go back to reality (im back anyway)...

the nites spent in hotel wif e gers were great.. so great until we slept nearly every nite at 4-5am having gers' talk... why r we torturing ourselves this way???

here's e last saga...

just some vain and useless pics..




take and take and take.. last day liao.. dun take means no more self take pic in taiwan le..

"forced" the gers to take grp pic together.. we realised we have very little grp pic taken in taiwan..

i tink she was very tired...

to the extent at the escalator also muz take photo..

found a cute cute gingerbread man.. so cute until wanna bite it..

found also a cute sushi mascot on the streets.. promoting some newly openly restaurant..

this is the newly opened sushi restaurant.. i tink........

speaking of sushi, there is one thing that i definitely have to blog..
taiwan 7-11 has quite a bit of interesting finger food including 饭团 and some simple handrolls.. somehow, our dear fren, shi, got herself hooked in the 7-11 饭团 for dunno wat reason...
on the last day, she bought a total of 8 饭团 from two different 7-11 (basically she swept all the 饭团s off 7-11 shelf.. lollll) to bring back to SG for relishing.. i salute her.. hahaa

happened that the three of us cld not reali slp on the plane anymore..
quite a miracle for the slp queen on your right..
okie la, both beside mi r slp queen.. im e onli one hu reali cant slp in anywhere except my own bed..
was busy transferring photos into the slp queen's com.. n laughing at e silly photos n videos..
then turned to cam whoring...

Add-on: i had to perform a MAJOR operation to xuan's laptop.. because e blur ger without checking if shi's camera card is e correct size SD card n she juz slotted e card into her laptop.. i tink she assumed that since my card can slot in, shi's one also e same.. we 2 panicked.. trying means n ways to dig out e card.. e card owner was seated v calm besides mi wifout any comment.. we took like near to at least 15mins to finally dig e card out, to a pt where the two of them said hav 2 leave it 2 e IT guy 2 help... my persistence has finally gotten e card out.. HA HA HA... operation completed.. whew.. tats one of e reasons why i nv expect the plane 2 land so fast.

then gotten v flustered because i had no idea the plane was landing already..
announcement came and asked us to be seated properly and keep all our devices..
i was still snapping away happily when slp queen said faster, gg 2 land le..

holding the signage, trying to locate his beloved rain..
(p.s.: he was holding a STALK (according to xuan.. becos i said bouquet..) of rose behind him..)

BFs - follow some examples.. no signage also muz rem 2 bring at least one STALK of rose...

anyway, home sweet home

if i have succeeded in making u v tempted to set foot to taiwan, GO!
check out the fares in Jetstar Asia..
FYI, i have checked out the air fares and early Aug tickets to taiwan have all been sold out...
grab yours FAST!

i am definitely gg back to taiwan again...

next time, im gg to bring at least 3 luggages.. LOLLLLLL


  1. wah sey....i miss taiwan already!!!
    and kaoz...the 饭团 is only good in TW...not as good when we're back in SG...sadz

    and in case anyone noticed ting and i wore same shirt...we din share tops la...i was inspired enough to buy one as it was distinctly diff style... :P


  2. Hahaha, 饭团... Ya ya, classic. LOL... Shi, I don't believe SG cannot find this type of 饭团!!!! Alamak...

    Pic #11 - Si Weiting.... At first I thought you meant YOUR right side, then I re-read the sentence again and realised you were referring to ME! WHAT SLEEP QUEEN? Shi then sleep queen lor, she in the clothes shop at XMD also can fall asleep on the chair. She too drained. Hahaha..
    Also, you forgot you and Shi performed a mini emergency operation on my laptop to get Shi's memory card out of the laptop slot. Ooopps..

  3. Shi - The top you buy later exactly the same as Ting's one mah. Why you say different style?

    And, "inspired"?? You too much blogshop influence isit, hahahah? "Herve Leger inspired bodycon dress" "Chanel inspired 2.55"

    Ting - Why don't you wear your other hat on Fri? I remember you bought something that resembles a beret.

  4. Yea.. I was gg to say that Shi's top is exactly the same as that of Ting. Then Shi said different style... so I got confused and re-looked again. ITS THE SAME TOP WHAT! Juz that Ting never wear it with a belt and u did. IS that what u are talking babt?

  5. aaa... yaaa.. i bought one marine cap... dunno y its totally neglected..
    i tink its overshadowed my can can "cant cant" hat.. hahaa

  6. oooooo yes yes i forgot..

    i shall amend..

  7. LOL, I think your blog getting better. Haha, all the posts making me laugh.
    And ya, Shi very calm. LOL, maybe cos she low battery liao. It was one of the rare times I found it damn lucky that you actually brought your makeup kit onboard and had tweezers in them, surgeon!


  8. hahaha there r quite a lot of times where many of us r quite glad i hav a lot of weird makeup stuff wif mi leh...