Monday, August 30, 2010

Zouk Epic

with the gers on a friday nite..

due to the fact that there r too many photos involved, i wont b editing any of the photos.. and nope its not taken by the olympus cam because it cannot function well for nite scene T_T
i will update abt tis on another entry..

we started off with the intention to cheer J up... but the lead did not turn up in e end.. tat said and i shall leave it with no further explanation...

we added on one more person for the gers's nite out - our tour guide - along for the epic.. trying to create a memorable epic..

took a little persuading from me n xuan 2 psycho the already tempted tour guide along for this clubbing session.. which made her bf "suspect" if there is anything unsual gg on between me and her LOLLLLL..
in case u r wondering too.. NOPE, i 100% like guys, so is she..

she disturbed mi by tis msg:

"R u busy ironing ur hair for zxxx tonite? LOLLLLLL dressing to kill???"

when i was still busy preparing lor.. already running short of time.. n hav 2 kena disturbed by her -_-

subsequent content bet me and her r private so i shall keep it off the post.. hahaha..

BEWARE (dun say i nv warn you first):
since humans r visual animals... this is gg 2 b a frigging long post full of photos and story telling.. continue if u r v free or too bored..

trying to camwhore in front of the mirror.. seriously, i suck at taking pic fr e mirror..
angling all not correct one.. i need more practice.. when can i hav a full length mirror??


how did tis pic came abt?? stroll to the next for the full details..

becos we have to wait for two ladies and both were coming down fr clementi..
becos we arranged to mit ard 9 - 9.30 as we wan some dinner..
ended up we were way too early for the two ladies.. so we hav to nua our time away at the prata shop near zouk.. at e same time having our dinner too..
best part is both ladies said the exact same thing 2 ask us 2 continue 2 eat for another 10-15mins even though we had finished our dinner.. (dinner already on its way to digestion le leh..)
okie la, cldnt blame them becos we willingly chose 2 wait one..
this is how e camwhore photo came abt.. too bored.. need 2 do sth after food..

still waiting so now camwhore in zouk's toilet..
still failed terribly.. my mouth always smile lopsided in mirror when taking photo.. i dunno y..

finally the two ladies arrived.. ahhh, junie din tiptoe higher.. haha..
not bad rite.. self take also can squeeze in 6 ppl into the frame..
i sacrificed 2 b BIG FACED here okie...

here's our drinks.. one for one before midnight.. so i hastily ordered alot..
becos its juz another 5-8mins to midnight..
Rain commented tat she has no intention of getting drunk tonight when she saw e amt that i ordered.
actually we still managed to finish all up n still feeling sober with TWO drinking coke..
doesnt seem alot actually.. juz tat too much mixture will cause drunkiness easily..
FYI, there was lychee martini, vodka red bull (jug), vodka orange (glass), vodka lime (glass), red wine (glass), heineken and two cokes..


the teacher v guai.. onli wanna drink coke n nth...
i "forced" her wif a little martini..


Rain said her bf commented how come of all the time they are together, she nv dress like tat to meet him b4..
but its a v nice surprise 2 c her wear like tat..
sometimes u cant pamper e guy too much.. once in a while surprise them wif sth nice..
then they noe how 2 appreciate ur beauty..

the four of us again.. tis time in ZOUK.. sounds overseas?? okie, im being lame..

we look like rabbits meh??

there the one who says she onli gg 2 drink beer cld not resist holding the jug of red bull already...


i was worried everyone wld b bored becos e music sucks tat nite..
so i suggested 2 start playing some finger games..
who know hell can break loose when a bunch of gers were playing finger games..
we were taking a break fr the finger games becos xuan's fren came n interrupt can... hahaha..
c her behind talking so happily wif her fren while e rest of us camwhore non stop...
we totally ignored the presence of her.. HA HA HA
but look at her - chit chatting so happily wif her fren until she forgot abt our presence also.. tsk tsk..

nope, dun get the wrong idea.. she was not drunk at all.. juz a little on e high side..
we played the finger game until Rain got so amazed at how come Junie's last 1/8 of the coke cld last so many rounds of e game.. to a point where she juz grabbed Junie's coke n said i drink up for u.. n she did..
Junie was left wif onli 1/10 of the coke.. this 1/10 lasted her 3 rounds before she had to turn 2 e martini..
can say she v li hai rite?? 1/10 also can last so long...
ooo yes, xuan was still chit chatting wif her fren.. we sure took alot of photos during tis time..


left like tat after 75364693 rounds..

too seh from losing 98796765 times.. plus blinded by my cam flash..

tis is the infamous animal game we sorta came up of?? or mayb its already in place n e gers improvised on it..
each has to choose an animal action as representative... den we wld juz call out to the next person using the animal action.. had to b v alert n do e rite action..
i am terribly awful in this game.. v dumbwitted n slow.. especially i tink all of them ganged up sneakily to say my action was wrong -_____-
i tink this entire game sian drank e least!

Rain with her crocodile action..

we can last pretty long with the remaining two jugs..
so u noe how cautious we had been trying not to get ourselves too drunk..
dunno izzit as u gets older, u dun reali like the taste of alcohol anymore..
i rem how much i so gian 2 try various kind of alcohol when i was much younger..
until one day i started to puke on too much flaming lamborgini..

cannot see my eyes anymore.. drank also 98796765 times until eyes cannot open properly le..
i v suay one okie tat nite..
they said i hav a soft spot for 10.. i cld hardly rebuke them becos its almost true..
nearly 80% of the time when Rain shouted 10, i kena..
until this Rain v evil, everytime wanna sabo mi.. drink red bull le also not enough.. made me drink red wine!
obviously trying 2 make mi drunk by mixing the drinks..
then when playing other games, i kept losing becos i cannot coordinate properly when i need to play games wif action plus speech..


SEE this guy?? i tink he was trying to sneak in a pic with the gers lor.. damn er xin..


camwhore 1

camwhore 2

camwhore 3

camwhore 4

camwhore 5


after so long still got 2 half full jugs -_-|||

sian has went hm 2 her lovely cosy nest..
dear BF commented tat ppl in e club cld not tell at all that we actually have two married gers in our grp..
anyway im digressing.. what i wan to say for this pic is Rain was once again blinded by my cam flash..
i tink she buay tahan my cam flash le..
so she rather covered herself up..

change of area to drink when sian left..



xuan can wink pretty well!

camwhore 6

goofing around

complimentary champagne from a suave young man
who cldnt finish.. thats y they passed the champagne to us la..

shi told mi tis is a v good champagne.. being the ignorant mi, i dunno how good is good..
but when she said e champagne cost at least $200plus, i was like O_o, okie better drink more..
slp queen trying 2 act  uhmmm b ladylike in this pic.. see her serene n demure look..

winking more n more..
seriously i cannot wink when smiling.. my whole face looks kinda distorted.. like eyes n mouth dun belong together.. u noe those scrunched up expression when u r trying 2 wink n smile at e same time??

camwhore 7

reaching but haven high yet..

there, high already..
i reali wonder how is andy going to react to this pic..
poses a more controversy.. oops

here's e story:
we were enjoying the champagne until two caucasians approached us..
asked if we need their help to take a photo..
why not, we said..
so they took..

then they went ahead to snapshot themselves..
xuan said "if they r gg 2 run away wif ur cam, dun worry, i will run after them for u.."
the funny thing was when they returned the cam back to us, they closed in n ask abt wat nite thing..
i swear i heard "ONS" den i nearly wanna O_o at them..
but i heard xuan's reply to them was they sld try butterfactory.. i heaved a relief inside myself..
this sounds ambiguous too.. what i meant is actually they said they were onli here for two nites.. which r the best places to go to for their nites here..


they kind of look like twins, arent they?

camwhore 8: getting a little high on the champagne..
BECOS xuan n rain din reali like it.. so shi n mi drank e bulk of it!

with rain n xuan, a lot of silly things can be done..
they hav a marvellous array of expressions..


continue camwhore 9

more camwhore 10
to make up for the lack of many camwhore photos in tw..


tis sweet BF who was suffering fr insomnia came n pick us up at 4.30AM for supper..


ever since i said she can wink pretty well, she kept winking non-stop.. wahahhaa

aftermath seh effect from the so called very good champagne..




more discriminating photo...

okie, i tink we have sorta made up for the lack of photos in taiwan in juz one nite..
i forgot to mention in earlier posts so here i am going to say here that im glad to have made another fren in taiwan worth for all the crazy times we have spent so far..

been a long long while since i hav clubbed... an even longer while since i have stepped into zouk.. e music sucked to the core on a Friday nite but the company was great..




a TINY TINY episode before all went back hm to sleep..

DISASTER STRUCK when my phone was being too hungry for its own good..
actually its my own carelessnes... i was busy ooh-ahhing over baby Ariel's photos and showing it 2 e gers samore.. i dunno how i lost e grip n BAH! e phone dropped into that plate of black chilli.. e gers took e photo down for remembrance -__-
i happened to glance over 2 the table opp mi n saw e shocked, astounded and amused look all into one on the man's face.. n his eye signalling 2 his fren 2 take a look.. #@%^$#.. so good 2 look meh??? nv see ppl drop phone into chilli meh?? already upset that phone now got weird weird smell but too seh to show that i was upset wif my silly carelessness, they still STARE..

trying to clean e phone and appeared to be not too concerned..

my poor phone..

P.S. i haven change cover.. who is so kind enough to donate one nice iPhone casing to me??


  1. omg! some of the pic...totally uncensored alright!
    I look damn scary! but it was a fun night...
    and I love the Moet guy la!!!!


  2. and honestly...i din hear anything like ONS...
    (but then I only heard when they repeated the second time...whahahhaa)

    "fruitful" night~whahahhahaa


  3. I m rofl-ing while reading your blog... so many tak glam photos of me!!!!

    PS: junie, please dun treat me as another mafia whom have attempted to finish your coke. I hate coke actually but I think teachers need a drink sometimes heeheehee...


  4. lollll.. yup uncensored becos i am trying to re-enact our true crazy selves on tat nite..
    i already took out even more unglam photos of all of us.. wahahhahaa..

  5. rain - wont tak glam la.. its called cool cool look.. lollllll..

  6. WAH WAH!!! Got AH MOHs!! Why we never go take with them when I'm ard??
    Haha... No worries Rain, I won't treat you like MAfia... Act I dun really like coke as well... To gasy.... but I cannot possibly ask to buy crysenthemun down there.... Haha... And Its nice knowing you! :)

  7. Excuse me!! #43.. I never act. Hahaa, they say when you are high, you are most natural. So means I am naturally ladylike. Thank you! Muak muak.

    #50 - I didn't realize the angmoh stuck his face next to yours! MY GOD.

    Can we do this sometime again soon? Oct when I'm back? Let's choose somewhere with music we can dance to!