Monday, July 26, 2010

it's a hap hap happy day..

becos i found my thumbdrive!! hooray!!!

guess where it was?? covered in between the lapscreen and e keyboard.. tis shows im reali not a details oriented person -__-

finally i can display my works of yun's ROM album in full details...

i noe i noe u all r bored wif pics shown repeatedly time n time again..

but let mi bask a while in the joy of having found my thumbdrive.. YAY! muz specially thx dear BF!!

these r all the 15pages i have done for yun... im glad she likes it...

i enjoyed looking at e pages over n again for numerous times.. becos each time when i look at it, i feel blissful for her :)


  1. me too!!! see the pics....feel so happy for her to have found the one...

    really look forward to next year with hers and na's traditional wedding...hap year for our grp!!! =)


  2. thanks babes!! =)))

    Yeah yeah me love the album to bits! pass me all the soft copies fotos tooo yahhh! lol. xie xie!