Monday, August 23, 2010

Taiwan Escapade Saga 3

Correction to my earlier post on Taiwan Prologue - i spent a whopping 2k instead of 1.8k on just shopping and eating along for this whole trip, forgetting abt the $150 i had wif mi fr last visit T__T

I brought literally an empty luggage to Taiwan.. Save for my curling tong, fringe straightener, makeup and one T-shirt (i.e. e red one u saw in previous post..)... plus one set of clothes which i wore on the first day itself.. other than that, toiletries brought to share and throw aft use.. thats almost all my luggage carried..

to the extent that i had to enlist shi's help to keep my makeup among her clothes for fear of spoilage due to how e airport staff throw e luggage..

in a sense, it had been great shopping in taiwan that i did not care that much like i have to in SG where everything seems so much more expensive.. so great that i did not care for my pockets until much later when i came back to reality...

after coming back, the disparity became even more evident when i hav been comparing the exchange rate conversion in my head for the past two weeks..

conclusion: SG reali cuts our throat without mercy in many many places..

ok, a stop to my incessant droning about how good taiwan has been..

here's e continuation to my photo log for saga 3...

Day 3: Off to Taipei 101

finally wore my can can hat in TW... after i bought it on my 1st day there..
ate at 八方云集 yet again.. cos we found the outlet close 2 our hotel..

it mite not surface again in photos becos someone doesnt reali wan to go out wif mi if i wore tis in SG T_T
until perhaps my next trip overseas n hopefully can can hat is still in fashion T_______T

better show more photos wif mi in can can hat..

dunno why, for the past two days when i did not wear the can can hat, i swear, the wind wasnt that strong.. then purposely when i chose to wear it on the 3rd day to Taipei 101, the wind got so strong until it nearly blew away my can can hat!! i got so frustrated until u dun c it anymore in subsequent photos..

trying to use the mirror in the lift for camwhoring..
din quite succeed becos the door was going to open n i got v flustered..

Rain's sacrifice for the art photo.. trying to make sure Taipei 101 is inside the photo with the 3 of us..
she was lying almost flat on the floor and screaming " 快点!我要烫死了!"

my turn to sacrifice to reciprocate Rain's sacrifice..

i tink mayb she has gotten the kick of lying there to take photo so she volunteered a 2nd time..

when u r overseas, there is an almost 90% chance of doing silly things in strange places
when there are SPONTANEOUS frens wif u that is..
because u noe no one is gg to recognise u anyway
here's our jump shots.. we took at least 10times in front of the building.. the security guard muz hav been gladly amused by us..


after all the woo-has of lying there to take photos wif Taipei 101, we found an easier way out wif the peak seen.. -__-||| so much for our effort..

there was an IT fair event similar to our mega IT fair held in their exhibition hall..
spotted this cute mobile toilet outside the hall..
mobile toilet also can be so cute.. why SG dun hav???

Next Stop: To 乌来 for hot spring..

the scenery at 乌来.. super country side.. i like..


they have this damn nice scenic lake where there r reali ppl inside soaking in the spring..
all natural and FOC.. but we din try...

their roadside stall.. n was e stall we eventually went there for dinner after hot spring..

the three gers right in front trying to source for a likeable hotel for hot spring..

very unique and cute looking dog spotted.. it looks like a lion's mane from the front..

look at the tail..

there we finally found one spring hotel that we all liked.. but majority dun dare to take e public spring
because we have to go ALL NAKED.. no towels allowed for wraparound..
however, the public spring design is much nicer than the photo below..

we chose a private one wif hot and cold spring so that we can do watever we wan..
look at e mini bathing area.. so small how to bathe??
in case u r mistaken, e big area next to e shower is meant for cold spring, not bathing..


after our hot spring and sourcing for dinner
the rain in taiwan was mad crazy... one moment drizzle, next moment stop, the next moment downpour..
so tiresome until i cldnt take a flattering and decent shot of the owner and her fabulous muachee..

the crazy rain got mi drenched for two consecutive nites while shopping in 士林... i dun relish walking in the rain while shopping.. when the need to protect my shopping buys overwhelmed the need to protect myself.. and the especially self-disgusted feeling when i had to climb into a taxi dripping wet.. one of the most unforgettable experience in taiwan..
making mi miss my last nite of glutinuous rice and very nice 鸡扒.. humrph...

her muachee is super QQ can???
now i wished i had another one right there.. all becos of e rain, i cldnt fully enjoy my food..
cldnt comment on the sausage because i dun like taiwanese sausage..

earlier in the photos, i mentioned we had our dinner at one of the restaurants.. this had been our dinner..
we tried the local specialties.. i would say its gd for most of the items we ordered..
especially this 竹筒饭..
taiwan has many dishes in glutinuous rice.. cooking using the bamboo brought out the fragrance of this glutinuous rice.. i have nv enjoyed glutinuous rice so much until i came to taiwan..

this is shi's favourite.. all of us like it too but shi liked it so much tat she rem e name for it.. i forgot already.. LOLLLLL

it doesnt look tat appetitising.. yet for a NOT veggie lover, i like tis veg... pls try when u r visiting taiwan if u hav e chance.. cannot b found anywhere in e city i tink.. so far we onli seen tis in 乌来.. some sort of their local veg...

this is not worth a try.. e meat is tough.. which is surprising when we r expecting some countryside chicken..
mayb the chicken walked too much..

beancurd.. taiwan has many beancurd dishes as well.. n they r seriously not bad too..
can try if u like beancurd dishes..

stirred fried pork with onions?? i cant reali rem...


弹珠汽水!! cant reali find in SG anymore :(

ok, this mayb has to blog.. as the gers r reali excited abt it..

for privacy of others, i have blocked out the telephone no indicated.. tis is v obvious after i mentioned "TELEPHONE NO", isnt it?? apparantly one ger in the group was being picked up by a taiwan guy on e bus.. nth much worth mentioning except that xuan n mi sitting together were caught totally by surprise when e guy threw the paper onto my lap... a "SPECIAL" experience to mark in my taiwan escapade..


after e hot spring trip, we went back to 士林 for another round of shopping... u can see the whole trip was mostly about 士林,西门町,士林,西门町 again and again...
poor xuan, onli managed to catch e sights of Taipei 101 and 乌来, considering this is her first trip..

we missed Mirarma Ferris Wheel, Pu Pu Car Themed restaurant, toilet themed restaurant, hello kitty themed restaurant, 淡水 and many other sights which we have set for..


  1. BTW, my fave dish is called 炸溪虾!!!! must-try for TW k!

    and how can you forget to remind all tourist to bring enough cash coz money changers are hard to come by for SGD(we walked for at least 20mins to get one)...and of coz...use ur credit card at retailers when u run low...rates are comparable to money changers! lolz


  2. and wait! how can u forget the shoes???
    oops...Tavis is reading~lolz


  3. all the pics u took with ur can can hat v prettyyyy! and i esp like the pic u all took at taipei 101, nice shot!!

  4. lolllll.. thank you very much.. hahaha..
    hopefully still can wear tat hat 2 japan.. else v wasted..

    e taipei 101 is sacrificed by our fren tats y got nice shots.. haha

  5. shoes nv take pic leh.. i will post when i hav e time 2 take pic..
    he saw e shoes already.. hahaha.. nth 2 hide..

  6. Sg is too hot lahz, therefore the "cant cant hat" is prohibited!!! :P

    How come the hot spring so little pics wan ah? should show us how u gals enjoy mahz... oops 0.0

    Dun dare put tat guy's number cos scare i call him mehz... ahhaha... should take his pic, i am soooo curious to see how he looks like.Is his face very thick? Muz be fat guy rite?

  7. when i wore that in taiwan, its also hot!! supposed 2 shade u fr e sun.. so invalid! lol..

    booooo, where got scared.. is protect ppl's privacy..

  8. Haha! Did I hear a tinge of jealousy in Mr BF's voice?? Hee...
    Ting, you look pretty in the hat! Makes u look like a Jap actually! :)

  9. Ting, great post. I kept laughing. Ya.... Where is my Miramar? I always wanted to take picture with colorful ferris wheel. Boohoo!!! And I never eat ice cream in the toilet bowl restaurant. GAHHHH.... :(
    Hahaha, my attempt to take for you all at 101 FAIL... Only manage to capture the 1st big circle. -__-"

    Tavis... that guy who threw her the number loitered at the driver seat area, too dark. But the guy in question (aka Dragon) was hiding at the back. At the bus stop we alighted, the hidden Dragon dashed, I repeat, DASHED macam like he running 100m race to the exit door. Cannot help you take picture to recognise target. Hahaha...
    Oh, good attempt at disguising "can can hat" as "cant cant hat". But I think Ting look jappo-chio in it leh, can you let her wear in SG and go out with her please???

  10. yessss!! i forgot all abt my mission 2 bring u 2 e Miramar Ferris Wheel... v sad... nvm, will there b a next time 2 taiwan again?? hahahaa... rain can den show us e sights in TaiZhong.. wahhahahahahaha

    i tell u he wont step out of e hse wif mi in tat hat lor.. but i will try my best 2 coerce him... LOLLLLL

  11. Not a prob, She can wear watever she wants when she goes out with u... "can can hat" or "cant cant helmet" also not an issue. ahha... :)

    wow din know she has realli became jappo-masaki wor? keep up the gd work then... be kawaii nei... whahah!!!

  12. i can't recognise her every morning after her 2 hours of make up n hair curling hahahhaaahah