Friday, January 28, 2011

Nom Nom Nom ♥ Japan

took some time off from e tiresome spring cleaning yesterday n took some pics of the items that made mi died-ed/cough blood for in japan..

i "died" at all those super nice packaging and fabulous nom nom food..

the super nice disney packaging tat nearly make mi died-ed hundred of times each time i saw them.. they r like everywhere in e entire disney?! n there r like 989787 stores in disney wif all e fabulous packaging tat got mi crazy..

was crazily fascinated with the long rectangular packaging for god-know-what-reason..

i have a super weak spot for PINK stuff.. and now guess wat?? valentine theme all over in disney.. no prize for correct guess... but yess, died-ed e 76589 times again over PINK packaging in disney.. everything also wanna buy home.. but impossible when i hav a miserable budget tagged to my wallet..

each easily cost at least 800yen and above.. do e maths urself (divide by 60)... so u now noe how bad my wallet bleed in disney?? okie, though mine's not e worst.. hehee..
there's still more nice tins all around in e stores.. i repeat IMPOSSIBLE to get them all.. sighz..

u will never be able to guess wat tis container is meant for in disney.. can u?!

this - 2100 yen...
i shall reveal e mystery... can ur heart take it?? HAHAHA




ta-da! - a POPCORN container..
v clever isnt it?? make us spend $30 to buy a container juz 2 put popcorn in it..
sg got so clever ma?? even if have, sporeans also too kiam to even spend tat $ 2 buy..
there muz b some spell in japan tat somehow got the four of us all crazy n spent e amt 2 buy e POPCORN CONTAINER..

r u convinced now japanese r v clever in their packaging...

died-ed another 10,000 times when i saw duffy! e so famous toy in disney sea such tat u will c almost 99.9% of e japanese carrying this.. n mind u, they nv bought tis tiny version which we bought 2 hang around our bags.. they bought the BIG soft toy version.. WITH CLOTHES samore... at least 7000yen for ONE (not one pair) with clothes and 3800yen for one without clothes..

seriously i tink japanese r frigging damn rich... i too kiam.. cant bear 2 buy e big soft toy back.. but i was 80% tempted to buy.. luckily some 理智 kicked in plus incessant stopping from sis n yun...

here's e super yummy food to die for...
super delicious mochi which i hav been searching high n low whenever there's frens hu went japan.. sadly none found..
and v lucky i found it this time!!
e special part of this mochi is when u bite into the strawberry mochi, the chocolate oozed out.. so nice until i cant bear 2 eat it yet.. e wrapping is still intact... one box of food also wrap until so nicely..

the yummy choc which rong recommend.. i dunno how yummy yet becos its still sitting in the luggage, waiting to be unwrapped..
we bought a lot of this fr the cosmetics pharmacy.. rong said a japanese couple took a double take at e price for the choc.. so we guess muz b v cheap.. anyway its reali quite cheap.. so we bought a tonne back...
heavy until siao such tat we had 2 deposit all our shopping haul into a locker before heading to Tokyo Tower.. imagine lugging dozens of this choc all around.. tis will reali die..

rice crackers.. v cripsy and nice.. i left onli so much for myself n sis.. e rest all given away..

and the v v famous Shiroi Koibito (白色恋人)!!

long before i even stepped food into japan, i hav already heard so much abt this yummilicious goodie and eaten as much.. HAHAHA..
what i did not know was it cld not b found anywhere outside hokkaido.. so in a way, u wont c it everywhere in tokyo in fact... thx to J's advice to get it fr e narita airport.. e moment i saw it, my sis n i combined bought back at least 15boxes of this yummilicious goodie.. its frigging ex FYI.. 1058yen per box.. so do ur maths again n u will noe how much i hav spent on this... i practically used up whatever remaining yen i hav on this..

if u reali like it so much as mi, u can get it too at ion orchard 4th level, i tink...

voilà i hav completed my food post...
frankly, i cannot believe i hav spent so much on food.. almost equivalent to my clothing expenditure.. everything in japan makes mi go crazy..

if i hav time to filter through my 1.2k plus photos again, i will do a proper post of japan.. hahaha..
and if im in e mood, i will consider to post my shopping haul from japan..

meanwhile, thanks for reading my useless post of yummilicious food which mite or mite not make u go all hungry n gian of japanese goodiness food HA HA HA

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