Tuesday, January 11, 2011

New Year Eve - Swing + Jun's hse

new year eve became one of the rare times i fell seriously drunk in the year of 2010..

when there's a bunch of very mischievous frens gathering together, foresee the daunting task of drunkardness..

gear up for the nite...
theme was bling bling set by xuan n shi..

was in a total panic attack a few days before with no idea how to gear up for new yr eve..
after some rummaging, i thank the 神 above for letting me find this very bling scarf..
so my bling theme is set..
BF has e headachest headache when tis bling theme was set..
he doesnt believe that e guys in e grp wld b able to find any bling thing to gear for the nite..
but oh my, he was very wrong..
i dunno how on earth did we forget 2 take a pic of e bling that each n every one was wearing but we reali forgot.. given tat there r so many photographers in tis grp..
back to my pt is E was wearing a gold necklace.. and R had on a studdy bling belt..
see the effort e guys had put in for this bling bling theme??
bf's?? "bling bling" word written on his hand.. one of his many "igenious" ideas...
i wld say left most of e gers speechless with his "idea"
i reali should hav gotten a pic down.. sigh..

YES to swing restaurant again...

took two swings becos of e no of ppl we had..
had some minor hiccups when we reached the restaurant.. the restaurant crew den realised they din hav my booking.. i nearly had another panic attack in less than a wk.. and on e verge of screaming at them already if they actually screwed up my reservation..
i reserved e swing seats more than 2 weeks back!
they accepted another booking made by others, conveniently forgetting abt my reservation..
aft serious searching through their reservation book, bf's sharp eyes caught my reservation in the book.. saviour!
so e restaurant lady has no choice but to make sure we hav our swing seats..
lucky for her, she provided quite a pleasant service throughout the nite.. throwing in extra things inside for the new year eve's package.. so a little thumbs up for tis restaurant..

but a sidenote: if u r planning a surprise, pls pls make sure u liased properly wif e lady and all e restaurant staff beforehand.. n make sure ur instructions r clear.. becos she has bungled on surprises (unknowingly i wld say..) planned by us on the two occasions..

then headed to jun's hse where jun & E have so kindly provided to us for so many occasions..
present exchanging time!!
had a hilarious time.. becos the organiser (aka me!) forgot to prepare name tags n tag it on the present for guessing purpose... yes, go ahead with ur -_-
when we finally came up wif an idea on how to exchange those presents, e clue tat i wrote 2 rain nearly had her wanting to hurl sth at mi..

i wrote "santa claus wrapping - E***"
she took a look at my clue n e table den at me, giving me e incredulous look... the entire table was filled wif santa claus wrapping paper.. WAHAHAHA.. joke of the nite by me...
i forgot 2 include the word "blue"
u noe wat was passing in my mind when i wrote tat clue?? i tot, "uhmm, santa claus wrapping paper, v obvious is mine..." cos i was onli looking at my wrapped present n no one else's..
i din realise its XMAS exchange so naturally many ppl wld use SANTA CLAUS wrapping paper..
v muddle headed..

my xmas cum bday pressie from xuan :)
she gave mi a little scare e other day when she asked if i was still into leopard prints..
i had a suspicious moment that she is gg 2 give mi a leopard print TOP or cardigan... so e rest of e day was spent thinking if i wld dare 2 wear any leopard print top/cardigan or not...
yes, though im into leopard print stuff, i still have not gathered enough courage to display myself in LEOPARD prints at e moment in sg.. i tink i am not TAT daring yet and bf will never go out wif mi dressed like tat...
very very lucky turned out to be a scarf... will come in very hardy for e trip.. thx babe!

bday cakes for mi n jer!
this is e surprise tat e lady bungled on.. she came running towards ME when we had footed or were footing e bill and asked "how about ur cakes?? you wan it served now???"
i was dumbfounded for the moment.. number 1, i din noe there were any cakes to begin with.. number 2 i wasnt even supposed 2 know that there was CAKE!
den i caught e same dumbfounded look in xuan's n rain's face momentarily of which they tried to hide it under a nonchalant face.. i guess everyone was equally caught by surprise tat e lady leaked out the secret..

two bday gers with one kena tekan by drinks ltr.. no prize for any gd guess becos all of us NOE who was e one who got drunk...
jer thankfully escaped becos new yr eve countdown is not her actual day -_-

sorry, dunno why jer was caught by surprise in tis.. loll..
but i tot its cute so i posted it.. hahaha

not likely to repeat.. so u can prelude my slightly drunken look... okie la, let u laugh at my "seh" look la..
i admit i am V BAD at my seven times table when im half drunk... my brain seems to stop functioning totally when e alcohol is churning in my mind..

another one in progress.. e infamous doraemon hand... i dare to post tis becos she covered her face.. else................................... LOL

we drank two red, one very nice sparkling white and an entire full bottle of vodka mango...
tis is a record for our grp...
never once we have gotten past one entire bottle of vodka before (in my very vague memory) least said plus red n white wine...

forgot why i took it.. but mite b e lethal cup tat finished shi off at e last round..

xuan, R, jun, E, jer and my dear BF got off unscathed!! round 987563 in APR 2011...

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