Tuesday, January 18, 2011

far far away land

is a fairytale that can never come true in the reality world..

but somehow my fantasies can be made real for tat few hrs n for future relishing..

few favourites places in the far far away land - USS in sentosa... considering sentosa is a island by itself (LAND, u c..)

found myself waking up to fantasy of far far away land where Princess Fiona resides.. (okie, actually im not v sure if she reali resides there or izzit just my fantasy.. i googled and i cant find anything.. so juz bear wif mi n pretend tat she reali resides there okie.. its juz a fantasy anyway..)
n imagine myself a princess in the sweltering hot sun.. (this is when u wish sg reali reali has four seasons to make e fantasy more real...)

then found myself along the broadway street with loads n loads of broadway shows...

so there i was watching a broadway in a theatre.. *GASPS* MONSTER ROCK! (is there gg to be a monster popping out?? *acts bimbo n hid in e prince charming's arms*)

when i came out, BEHOLD! there i was on  Fifth Avenue street... What heaven hav I found?? a shopping paradise...

Empire State Department Store?! Is this real or wat?
what am i waiting for?? Let's GO!

and thats not all.. there's even an US style building in my fantasy... tats absolutely nice! had the sudden urge to climb up those stairs and for the fleeting moment, act like im running away fr some conspiracy.. (*shrugs* y not? anything can happen in fantasy anyway..)

came to i-dunno-wat-this-is place... so bye..

starting to get a little bored walking on the streets..

but HEY, bumped into a little yellow signature american cabby..

and it took us to Charlie Chaplin! what a watse.. i should have placed my feet exactly like his...

and even took a pic with the OH-I-SO-HATE-CAT cat... yes, i absolutely hates cats.. never in my dream would i expect a photo with the disgusting creature on earth.. but i still did.. hai...

still have carols to listen to...

den bumped into madagascar troupe!

and had the third death threatening ride i have put myself through... coming out groggy and a sprained neck...


normal time for pics... hahaha.. enough of my rubbish fantasy...

the colonial feel with a vintage car that completes the whole feel... e pinhole does the magic..

this is the entrance tat divides the far far away land and erhmm i tink jurassic park??

i reali like the streets a lot... it made me feel as if i am reali stepping into the land of america... a place tat i promised myself i will visit it someday...

thats all.. so long and goodbye USS.. till we meet again..

and and last but not least, i like tis pic alot alot... this is by far e most artisty photo i have in my cam so far.. it is not taken by mi samore :(

reali tats all.. thxnbye..

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