Friday, January 14, 2011

Changi V Hotel

came a tad late... i was busy wif a lot of things.. but seriously i dunno exactly what hav i been so busy with so much so that this post is delayed to 2011..

it was an impromptu decision to celebrate xmas wif a bunch of frens in a hotel...
in my memory, i dun recall there's any time i have ever celebrate a festival before in a hotel..
i wld say this is my first time having an xmas celebration in hotel as far as i can remember..

before i bore u with all e details, photo time now!

presents that teacher A took effort into preparing for us... she even prepared a riddle for us to guess before opening the present..

an outlook of the e hotel decor...
u noe wats e nicest part about xmas??
e gift exchanging moment!
but too bad e guys cannot reali appreciate it... they would rather we gers exchange among ourselves n count them out O.o
so guys, learn this.. if u juz put in this tiny effort into searching for a present that u tink ur ger wld like, ur ger will b easily over e moon for the effort tat u hav taken... (okie, most gers at least...)
but sg men r, yes, a tad less romantic for tat... 

a random pic we hav taken before dinner time..

thai food for dinner!

a little out of place for a xmassy mood... when ur stomach calls for wat, u eat wat.. tats e logic..
dinner was a little torturing for me.. when i can see all e seafood but can eat non of them for e time being..
it was also during such a time then i realised that seafood is such an essential for most cuisine... its unbelievable.. go hav some tot n tink wat food doesnt reali come wif seafood.. u will find out prob 90% of the dishes especially chinese is made up of seafood...

the pandan chicken which i find it as normal.. but its great tat i dun hav 2 lift a finger 2 open up the leaf.. HAHA..

my soursop n e guys's fav drink - bandung.. izzit just me or izzit e guys?? y guys like bandung so much??
full of milk?? so milk led them to u-noe-wat...

 the riddle of wat i have to guess for my pressie..
u can try to hav some guess...

trying to practice camwhoring using e mirror...
hotels' full length mirrors r great!

looking reasonably thin.. BUT its not true T_T

the dreamy effect that all e gers like..

tried a new game.. muz b v puzzling rite.. obviously its monopoly...
now den noe e ways of playing monopoly is so vast..
tis is monopoly city... n was quite confused when shifu E was trying to teach us.. u reali need to get hands on before u can fully understand e game..

actually wanted to change to another game... then chaos broke when midnight struck.. (rhymes!)

the guys bought e snow and ribbon stuff.. they intend to use them e moment midnight strikes..
e innocent mi had no idea wat "evil" plans they were harbouring...
we were still preparing for the new card game when suddenly one fren shouted, "merry xmas!" (or sth to tat extent, it was pretty chaotic aft tat.. i cldnt rem..).. den it took e slow-witted innocent mi to realise wat is gg to happen...
e GUYS HAD ARMED THEMSELVES with the snow and ribbon can... wts... i din even had any chance to arm myself..
so i had to scramble away FAST.. first tot was to run to the toilet.. then found tat toilet door is locked!!
i had e mili second to register who is missing fr e room.. luckily the guys also realised hu is missing fr the room.. so all ran to the toilet door and tried their might to pick the lock open the door...
tats how e above pic came about.. and all hell broke loose.. becos of the ONE person hu hid in e toilet...

this is wat happened when he hid in the toilet and eventually he still had to open the toilet door.. HA HA HA!

the aftermath

resorted to playing dice game to finish e liquor... our own improvised "大小" game..

we played another monopoly game (yes monopoly again..) but its a diff one once again... called e monopoly deal.. was quite fun actually... so fun tat teacher A went to bought a deck herself..

im beginning to like staying in hotels :)

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