Thursday, January 27, 2011


back from a fruitless fruitful trip in japan..

after enduring an extremely cold weather.. to a pt where i actually miss sg weather (just a little)...

fruitful being i learnt many things when i was over there.. exposed to such orderly n polite culture tat i seriously had 2 say im v impressed.. the extent to which e japanese go an extra mile for their service is worth a commendation... im not saying all, but i dare to say for e 98% there, they r extremely committed into delivering the service level tat many countries r seriously lacking..

for their extreme consideration where they will queue properly in front of trains n wait for e ppl to come out before anyone make any move to step inside.. its worth a commendation..

for their willingness to help when it comes to asking for directions.. even if it meant opp the direction they r heading, they r still willing to take a detour to show u e route.. its worth a 2nd commendation...

for most of the store employees' initiative to actually use their store big paper bag and pack all your shopping bags into one bag nicely for u... its worth a third commendation..
thats e first time i ever experienced such initiative such tat i was taken aback when e salesgirl volunteered to take my shopping bags from mi n pack it nicely into one.. i dun tink u can find such service in anywhere except for japan..

for their creativity and effort into making every little thing so nice until u feel like buying every one of them back.. i never tot i wld wan to buy the entire disney store until i stepped rite into it.. then i understand wat does rong meant tat "will go crazy in disney"... i bet no other disney can beat them in their packaging.. needless to say, i spent a bomb there too T_T its definitely worth another commendation...

so so many commendations until im speechless for words liao..

n yet there r still so many so many praises for japan tat rite now i cldnt summon enough memory to recall all of them..

overall, japan had mi experiencing the coldest weather ever in my life so far, e best service level, e best japanese food (duh! like of cos!! i had ramen nearly everyday without getting sick of it.. i had ramen a few times in ajisen n im sick n disguested by their quality...), e best shopping (but frigging expensive..), e best disney (i onli had one visit...) etc etc etc..

i love japan SO MUCH that I WAN TO GO BACK THERE AGAIN...

im kind of missing Asakusa, Harajuku and my terribly nice trench in Shibuya 109 already.. and i haven been to Odaiba, Ikebukuro etc etc etc...

everyday i woke up at 4-5am sg time to start preparing and make sure everyone was out of e hotel latest by 9am japan time... tats how we made use of our time fully in japan in the short one wk...

only complaints i ever had of japan are their shops close awfully early! and their railway map is damn confusing...

fruitless because japan has re-affirmed all e "rumours" that their things r very expensive.. these rumours became "un-rumourfied" instantly..
it was so damn expensive until i buy one top or one dress or one pants or one skirt there, i had to tink twice.. REALI TINK TWICE n wonder very long if i sld splurge... then sometimes i will tell myself "heck la.. juz buy la.. sg also cant find wat.." but reali reali is mm gam to buy lor.. buy le u will feel ur heart tearing a little.. n tearing a bit more n more as u walk down e harajuku streets and into every shop... n tear e worst if u step into shibuya 109..
its like how should i put it... shibuya 109 = paragon, harajuku = fareast plaza.. ya tat speaks for a clearer explanation..
so i came back with very little clothes n a tonne of food.. those hu have travelled wif mi noe i NEVER like to spend alot on food.. i rather spend all my money on clothes, shoes, accessories etc etc etc.. i buy food but minimal.. sooo i broke my usual practice.. lugged back a tonne of food n surprisingly enough luggage never overweight.. (pictures will b up soon..)
okie, i admit... partly becos i cldnt manage to buy a lot of clothes.. partly becos e food there is damn damn damn nice!
so now tat im back, im kind of regretting loads of things tat i did not buy.. first and never am i gg 2 forget is e fabulous trench.. y did i not buy?! T_T now wan to buy a ticket n fly back also cannot find e coat le... best part is dear BF told mi $120 for a trench i tink is okie.. double impact..
2nd regret - a v nice dress with v nice frills at e bottom cost approx $50 which i did not get as well becos i hav already bought two items fr tat shop which is like $100 gone in ONE shop on onli e 2nd day..
and many many other regrets which ya rite now regret also no use le.. when im gg back again, i make sure i do not hav so many regrets again...

pic posts will b up soon... very lazy to filter through the 1.2k photos taken... will upload when im finally done wif my spring cleaning n cny shopping..



  1. You know... I had a few comments on this post... And all flew away when I saw "1.2k photos".
    OMG! Like seriously?!?! You bluffing me or not?

  2. LOLLL... no, no joke at all..

    i took 800plus pics, yun's cam took 400plus.. i haven count rong one yet.. but my folder already reflected i hav 1.2k plus photos... i tink com wont lie 2 mi.. HAHAHA..