Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Shibuya ♥ Japan

Happy chinese new year!! hope everyone has a gd cny...

i had and is a frigging busy one for this long wkend.. barely had enough time to rest completely..

so took a long while to post tis japan entry becos was damn busy for the entire cny...

finally...... at long last...

v early flight at 5.45am at Changi airport terminal 1...
but mi n rong were half wishing its nite flight so tat we cld hav more time in japan..
still, i love gg airport at such wee hours.. have more feeling tat im reali gg overseas! do u feel so??

a group photo.. and i juz wanna show off my white fur leg warmers...
e one and onli chance where i cld get 2 wear these pretty fur leg warmers..
one gd thing abt wearing winter wear is i will somewhat look thin in watever i wore.. HAHAHA..
however, frankly, i tot wee hrs in e morn n airport is sure chilly.. i ended up felt like i was gg to suffocate wif heat in tat turtle-necked..

so more fur leg warmers pic.. pretty, isnt it.. hahaa...

y i forgot to take pic of e plane meal... it totally eluded mi...
i have a "knack" in forgetting to take like e most impt photo when im travelling..

but its okie.. luckily yun TOOK it!! from her v gd camera.. lightweight n compact.. I AM VERY TEMPTED to get it... in later post, i will explain y...

finally! finally! we reached my long awaited-even-slp-also-dream-of country!
stepping foot into a country tat i hav been dreaming of since childhood days is an incredible feeling..
like a dream tat i cannot believe has came true..
until i saw all e japanese words around mi..
all e japanese bowed and said "日本へようこそ" (welcome to japan)

waiting for our luggage

and camwhore while waiting for the luggage.. cant wait to faster step into the cold cold weather..

 when we finally stepped outside to take bus, the damn cold hit us so strong until i dun even wan 2 snap any photos..
i was damn damn damn excited so i kept breathing and breathing in the cold... tis is how 9 degree celsius felt like...

again, i FORGOT to take how our hotel room looks like again!
lucky yun took it.. else i got no pic to show at all..
as those hu noe mi, its practically gone case after one day.. so no pt in taking at all..
erhmm not becos i bought a lot of things.. but becos hotels in japan r frigging small..
u can c there's onli a very small walkway for us to walk to toilet n back 2 desk...

the very small toilet... also taken from yun's camera..
but at least its not very terrifying to bathe in it..  

and here we r at e japan railway train!
with their super super complicated n messy until can die train route..
each day, we had 2 stand in front of the railway map n stared at it for a good 5mins before we decided we had 2 ask e information counter again on how 2 get 2 our destination..

shinjuku ticket to shibuya

and v excited to step into the train with the japanese..
n faked japanese when not opening our mouth to speak..
i tink we can pass off pretty well.. heee..

a pic by the railway station first..

n totally went berserk when i steppe out of e train n saw e handsome Kimura Takuya! in the poster...
we walked a few steps away and i ran back, decided to heck all the japanese knowing tat we were tourists n simply juz wan a pic taken wif him... erhmm....... his poster..
if i c him in person, i tink i will reali go berserk...

and marvelously ecstatic to be on the streets of Shibuya..
even though we were frigging cold..
even though we were frigging hungry...
we basked ourselves on the streets of Shibuya..
its like another dream come true...
i know its v exaggerating.. but its hard 2 describe my feeling being able to b there in person becos i fall so heads over heels in love wif japan since e 1st drama i watched..

and we saw the Shibuya 109...
at tat pt in time, i was thinking how come this Shibuya 109 is so different from the one i saw in Cheesie's blog and internet...
i will come to tat ltr too..

SHIBUYA! <333333333333

so hungry n i din wan to waste anymore time in searching for food n shorten the time for shopping.. so i suggested we juz settled for mac n search for authentic jap food ltr..
also becos e food court selling authentic jap food seems ex.. we din reali wan 2 spend so much on food on the first nite there.. so well....... mac it is... anyway any fast food in japan also tasted super yummy.. its no joke...

got a culture shock... when i saw their trash bin being segregated into plastic n paper.. 

how did the japanese manage to do it??
so environmentally friendly... and not juz tat.. its plus e hassle of having to separate plastic n paper after eating and den dispose..
how on earth did they get so disciplined!
its sth tat singaporeans, malaysians can never never do it.. okie, prob not juz S & M.. in fact its nearly ALL the countries hu cant b so disciplined..
which is why i got so impressed wif nearly everything in japan...
u will never ever regret stepping into japan... at least for me, NOOOOOOO

every fast food has tis type of trash bin...

so naturally we 路乡随俗 n segregated our paper and plastic properly..
e ppl there r always serving their customers wif a smile..
not like in so many countries, ask them 2 serve us like we owe them $1 like tat...

done with eating n headed for shopping..
stepped into this Shibuya 109 (2) (with my mind still tinking y totally unlike wat i have seen in e internet one..) and when we walked up down from level 7.. we saw all guys wear.. n were reali bewildered.. y all guys wear.. reali not wat i hav googled abt...
i was quite sure there muz b e GERS Shibuya 109 around..
but glad we went inside too.. becos tats where i found my super nice shoes.. slit throat price.. but super comfy.. so its still worth e price..

we stepped out n saw e REAL 109!!

had to travel in cold to reach there again.. first day still can bear wif e cold..
so camwhore abit before heading there..

passed by a shop tat sells fabulous looking fruits but also fabulously ex..

reali very very cold at nite... but we juz wan 2 camwhore non stop n make sure we captured ourselves in Shibuya 109..

more.. tats all we cld muster in tat cold cold weather.. its worth it...
n Shibuya 109 shopping in winter is like shopping in Paragon...
wondering how on earth did the japanese have so much money 2 shop??

japan stores also closed so frigging early tat we hav nowhere to go aft tat..
so walked round e station to find Hachiko..
n we found it!!
e statue was chilly..

got a japanese to take tis pic for us..

on e way back out from Shinjuku station, we found a roadside stall.. YAY to authentic jap food..
it was amazingly good.. not sure if its due to e extreme coldness we were facing.. so we were extremely grateful for e sizzling hot bowl of ramen..

looks so scrumptious but we din try a single bit.. becos dunno how 2 communicate! MUAHAHHAA..

skilled ojisan at work... the ramen there is reali reali nice!
ajisen ramen is already like shit... the ramen there will make ajisen ramen into even worthless shit..
its all becos of ajisen ramen which makes mi almost dislike ramen.. until i tried e ramen there..
e onli regret i had were not being able to try the cold soba (my absolute fav!) n one pc of e sashimi there which yun n my sis said is scrumpilicious!

e oiishi ramen with one calefare (erhmm dunno izzit spelt like tat..) japanese behind yun n rong..
he woo-ahh woo-ahh wif e ojisan n i cld onli stare and listen in gape at their conversation...  

ended the day by heading back to our hotel, walking n shivering in e cold... passed by krispy kreme n got rong so tempted.. hahahahaaha.. in e end, we did stop by n shared a doughnut together.. e waitress muz b tinking we were so damn pathetic to share one doughnut n one hot choc.. actual truth is we were trying to get out of e cold a while.. at e same time satisfying rong's urge 2 eat e doughnut n our desire 2 drink a hot cuppa of choc before heading back..

filtering through these photos make mi miss japan once again... makes mi terribly pining to go back...
i wish i can go to another cold country tis yr end or prob early next yr...
much as i cldnt endure the cold weather in japan for the last two days... now im hoping to put myself back in it once again...
hai.. which fairy godfather or godmother can grant mi my wish???
i juz wan 2 go somewhere cold cold enough 2 don on my winter wear once again...


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