Tuesday, July 6, 2010

yun's bday 2010

it has been a busy week last week.. i barely have any time to edit any photos.. and hence the delay for all e updates.. right after yun's ROM on 29th June, her bday followed suit.. we managed to squeeze in both events into the same week..




v short notice, we arranged to mit on a work day for dinner.. due to the tight schedule everyone was facing, not all can make it for the dinner...

QZ msg mi e day b4 2 ask if i cld get a cake.. i agreed.. initially my 1st tot was 2 get a normal cake.. sth struck mi along e work hrs, becos i mistook the dinner location to be in cine.. so inspiration struck mi 2 get an unique cake for yun tis yr..

Here's the masterpiece, contributed by Na & mi..

we made tis cake at e icing room located in 313 Somerset as many may have already heard of.. frankly, i was quite doubtful of my art work when e icing cake was placed in front of mi.. i was v worried that i wld bungled up e job.. n ended up yun will hav a v ugly cake for her bday tis yr.. tis wld make a v significant memory for her also, wont it?

i took e plunge.. surprised that e cake turned out to be not tat bad, isnt it?? seriously, im amazed :D
i wrote all e words... pls dun gape...

dinner was at e nihon-mura (if i din get e name wrongly, purely fr my own translation.. in short, 日本村).. the bday ger still did not noe that there was a bday cake in store for her when e dinner ended.. i tink she muz b wondering how come we were still lingering there when all e dishes r being cleared..

she made her wish..

n there i hope she was delighted wif her cake..

we ate all e cake.. we like it.. e sponge filling inside was actually pretty nice.. mayb becos it was v chilled fresh out from e fridge..

 guess what? we had sake for dinner! my 1st time trying e sake.. e cold one.. yun din wan sake cos she said she tried it n it wasnt tat nice.. somehow e pink bottle deceived all of us, we decided 2 try..

then all of them decided that they din like e sake aft all.. i was e only one hu finds it okie.. all drank onli ONE SMALL cup n na din even finish hers! i drank all up instead T_T luckily i do like it though its a little strong n slightly bitter.. (it kinda explains y e rest din like it huh..)

i enjoyed e nite wif them tat day.. it felt like we were back to our young days once again.. chatting n laughing over silly things again.. it felt like we din reali care much abt wats gg on in our pathetic working life since soooooo long... though there r topics which we touched on tat felt sooo grown up... everyone has to n is growing up.. 

another fren in my sec sch grp has moved on to e status of "Mrs" now.. 

congrats to dear YUN on her ROM!

next up will be a post on her ROM..  


  1. I want a cake tooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. hahaha, xuan, wait for next yr!!!
    mayb u can do one for mi instead 1st.. lolz!

  3. hahahah, xuan, wait 4 next yr!!
    mayb u can do one for mi instead 1st... lolz!!

  4. I want too!!! U can all do for me 1st! LOL! But seriously, I saw this at somerset and I thought it is quite an interesting concept. I was staring at 1 of the customers working away on her cake while waiting for eric till she get so paisei...
    I can't wait for this fri meet-up!!! :)

  5. u did a great job!!! =)

    N yupz...ive also totally enjoyed myself tat nite...it felt great right from the heart...lets do it again on 17th!!! =)