Tuesday, July 20, 2010

SAF Seaview Resort

is one of the BIGGEST and CLEANLIEST chalet I have ever been to...

this is the living room.. isnt it BIG?? to show u how big n clean n nice is this chalet..

my favourite part of the chalet.. i like chalets having their own staircase.. especially spiral staircase.. i hav tis fetish for staircases in hses.. dunno y..
spiral makes e whole chalet looks even more classy, dun u tink so??

now for the rooms time.. master bedroom with its own LCD TV..

doesnt this feel like some hotel room instead?

guest bedroom, i guess.. nth much wif juz two beds plus one wardrobe out of view.. but its still big..

the highlight of this chalet is its clean and gigantic toilet.. the floor area is like so big u can practically hav a mini dance in it.. the design makes mi feel like being in a hotel once again.. it can pass off as part of e deluxe room or sth like tat..
first time i dun dread gg toilet in a chalet..

the exterior of the chalet..

each chalet is accompanied with a bbq pit rite outside and beside the sea... it makes a gd area for bbq-ing n chit chatting wif nice scenic view...

this is the view i am talking abt..

yes, i am truely in awe for this chalet... becos when i heard dear BF tell mi that i will be bowled over by the chalet, i had my doubts... it is in changi.. i've been to quite a few changi chalets.. none of them strike any chord in my heart.. seriously speaking, how many nice changi chalets r there?? i doubt there r many.. changi chalets leave the impression that they r often old, not well maintained, full of ants n well, horror stories.. so much so that i no longer hold much anticipation for changi chalets anymore..
tis one totally changed my view.. i nv tot changi can hav such nice chalets around.. haha.. sorry, i am stereo-typing again.. but need SAF employees to ballot! haiz.. nice things r always hard 2 get..

any of u already tempted wif e idea of booking the seaview resort for a gathering?? it wld b a most ideal place for gathering.. there is mj table provided also... n starhub cable vision.. what's more can you ask for?? anyone who has frens working in SAF who can help 2 book???????




been wanting to showcase the nails that i hav done for jun's and yun's wedding.. n i keep forgetting to add in each post... here's the pics..

very much want to say i did tis myself.. but no, it was done at a nail palour wif junie...
love tis nail design v much.. i tink e colour looks fab.. my 1st time trying so bright pink..

tis was inspired by the above design.. trying to create a two-tone effect.. hence, i experimented wif all e glitter polish that i have :D

that's all..

do help to ask around for the SAF chalet.. it would b great if we can hold our own chalet there...


  1. u did the second one urself??? the nails i mean...its awesome!


  2. The chalet looks AWESOME! And you know what's the best part? They used purple bedsheets. OMG OMG OMG!!!! (Usually chalets give crappy dirty white bedsheets)

    And wah! The 2nd set of nail design look as good as the one done professionally. You one level up! Ding ding! :) How to do 2 tones ah?


  3. wahahaha, yup i did e 2nd one myself..

    e two tones effect can b achieved by blending e rite colours together.. den wont look awkward.. show u how 2 do it in person.. haha

  4. i can c u r v impressed wif e chalet also.. BECOS they use PURPLE sheets.. HAAHAHAHAHA

  5. We sld not have gone to the nail status before my wedding... The 2nd nails look extremely gorgeous! Ya the chalet I went b4 also.... Cos eric's frenz rom is held there. V big and nice. Haha.. But then it raining v heavily, so I was feeling yucky all the way... haha... I heard from eric, it is newly renovated... SAF ah.... Dun have lei.... Unless have to ask eric if dsta ppl can ballot for it or not... haha...

  6. yes yes yes, go ask.. or c if eric got any frens hu can help 2 book?? hahaha

    our fren is in SPF.. lacking an A.. hahaha

  7. Haha! Ya... Sld we physco Jer to change the the letter P to A? hee...

  8. ok this chalet looks awwwwweeeesoommeeeee!!! was looking for a nice chalet to make a special gathering and google linked me to your blog. so if u dont mind can u provide me the details of the chalet and how the procedure goes about. is it under aloha? please do get back. its kinda urgent.



  9. hey i googled the saf seaview resort because I want to book it for a birthday gathering but I can't find the proper website and details anywhere! :( my birthday's in a month and i'm hoping u could help me out by sending me details about how to go about booking the place n contact details and stuff. pls let me know! hope to be hearing from u soon.

  10. im so sorry, i have no idea how to go about booking it other than needing an SAF personnel to actually help u book..
    u can try to check from frens or relatives who are working in SAF on details to book this.
    Hope it helps :)