Wednesday, June 30, 2010

my birthday wish for 2011

this is a tad too early, i noe...

but i noe e FIRST gift i wanted for my bday 2011 already... wahahahahhaa...

yes, i shall shamelessly declare that tis is a blatant hint to my dear frens out there that


isnt tis sweet?? came across this while surfing on e net... e pink one looks so cute!! been wanting a polaroid camera since i dunno when.. but i dunno why everytime during my bday when ppl asked wat do i wan, i always dunno how 2 ans... so now here's e chance 2 dote on mi n get mi e pink one... HA HA HA...

i like photos in film strips..


  1. anson has one! the blue one.. i played with it le, v fun! but the film is v ex though.. not too practical.. each box contains 10 films, so if u intend to bring out and take pics, be prepared to bring many boxes out! if not wrong, each box cost abt $10+

  2. gal, hi 5!!! i also want a polaroid camera!!! haha...but no money to buy. i love the pics that were taken on my friend's wedding. love the instant instant capture and nice the feeling. =)


  3. hehe yeah... i noe e film is quite ex... use it on special occasions lor.. hehee...

    but e camera is not v ex?? as in like it doesnt cost more than $200 as compared 2 a compact digital cam, rite?? cos i rem seeing one ard $100plus..

  4. ya the camera just $100+. but quite bulky though. cant set modes to the camera oso de..
    if not wrong onli got a few modes.. more exposure that one onli..

    but it is fun!

  5. All the good friends out there... Do take note of this post okie :) ahha!!!

  6. My god, this is indeed a bit too early. Can you schedule a re-post of this post in December?

    - xuan

  7. hahaha, its okie xuan... i will add things along e way.. lolz

  8. Haha... Mr Tavis... Ting is also hinting you too!
    Ting: We got ur hint! :)

  9. junie, no no, he gotta get mi sth else... LOLZ!!!

  10. LOL! Haha... You have it all planned out! I like!!! :)