Saturday, July 17, 2010

H.U.R.T. v hurt..

just when I tot things mite b getting better since he's in e mood 4 chitchat 2day..

he made a scathing remark..

那时你煮的"什菜" (Zhap Cai)难吃到要死

he made an even nastier remark which i do not wish to repeat it here..

it's so hurting until I cldnt control my tears anymore..

he doesnt have to sound so condescending, does he???

nth is gg right.. everything is so wrong..

what a terrible friday when i'm trying 2 make an effort 2 stay at hm instead of gg out..


  1. Jiayou babe. Remember, he's super traditional type.

  2. *huggiez dearie*


  3. what happened? hope things are better now..

    i give u back what u wrote to me;
    "we're just a phone call away"...

    Anytime... =)

  4. being traditional doesnt give him e right to make such insensitive remarks.. i din force him 2 eat if he doesnt wan 2..

  5. Maybe he doesn't mean it? But it comes out as totally wrong? My mummy sometimes will also say some insensitive comments but deep down I know she doesn't mean it and still care for us....
    Maybe you can try talking to him... Things might work out...

  6. Guys don't think politically correct when they make comments to their loved ones. It's hardwired into their nature. Forget it. :D
    Look forward to your spree in TW! :D

  7. Ting,

    i poured away whole wok of fish soup before... and i knew it was awful... but whats more important is to recognise it and do till its fantastic.. let him beg u to cook more for him :)

    took 3 times b4 my cupcakes r no longer oily.. jia u... i dun mind eating ur chap chye.. no matter how it taste k....

  8. thanks, dear! yaa i noe its not perfect yet n cannot reach my mum's std yet..
    when i got e chance, i will cook let u all try...
    i wanna eat ur cream puff!!