Thursday, July 15, 2010

i lost my thumbdrive!!

i feel like crying out of a sudden..

juz realised today aft collecting e album tat i hav lost my thumbdrive.. i've saved all my pics inside including an excerpt of e album pics for sneak preview before the bride receives it..

now its all gone!!

i dunno where i hav misplaced/dropped it... it sld all along been in my pouch.. 2day, its no longer there.. i cldnt even recall if for e past two days, i have took it out n placed it somewhere.. or it dropped/got flung out by mi when i took my keys out.. I DUNNO!!

v vexed..

inside contains e pics for yun's rom from yy also.. ARGHZ..

the absentminded mi has once again managed to lose sth in a muddle-headed way again.. its ironic tat i told myself 2 b careful of e thumbdrive 4 fear of losing it last weekend..


is there a chance tat e thumbdrive can miraculously appears again??

i still feel like crying T__________T even though its juz a thumbdrive!


  1. gal its okie! the pics u can get from yy again! and the others pics, u shld have in ur camera rite? then the album got one set in ur computer rite??
    it's all right de, dun cry!!
    maybe its in ur bag, another compartment?

  2. no leh.. e album work was stored in a laptop tat wasnt mine.. den aft tat, i copied all files into my thumbdrive n del e program off le.. so sad... all e hard work lost.. lucky e album was developed already..

  3. I believe it sld be somewhere in ur bag... Give it another thorough search! It happen to me before! And the sickening thing was that when u wanna find something, it jus die die won't appear. When you thought all hope is lost and didn't find it again, that sickening thing appear right before your eyes.

  4. no, jun, seriously i have searched my entire bag like at least 5 times but i juz cldnt find it.. i dun hav any other bag cos i dun change my bag..
    i tink it has disappeared for gd.. so there's no way its gg 2 turn up :( :( :( :( :(

    i dun even recall it getting flung out.. surely a thumbdrive will hav some sensation if it got flung out rite?? haiz..

  5. Ya... Though its small, I think it is significant enough to feel it if it fall out.... Mmm.... Can u recall where u took out ur pouch?
    Can recall anything??

  6. i took it everywhere.. its my everyday pouch for everything.. like lunch, go out etc etc..

    but e last i took out for lunch was tues.. n subsequently took money out 2 pay 4 cab.. shucks! tat reminds mi.. mayb i dropped it in a cab le.. ARGHZ