Saturday, September 29, 2012

makeup stash

yup, the most uncreative title..

i have been wanting to share some of the fab make up for the longest time and never gotten around to doing it..

here goes...

im always a fanatic for make up.. whenever there is a limited edition, the temptation to buy will creep up against mi... so im always broke T_T

tis rose design is pretty isnt it... there is a small white portion at the top left hand corner which you can use for highlighter purpose.. kind of a two in one solution...

blushers and lipsticks have always been my soft spot.. i couldnt resist the nice colours that pop upfor each season... n the collection grew... no matter how hard i tried to use, i always always cannot finish then new colours took over..
i love the colours from SHU UMERA too! they have fabulous pink shades that i am in love with :D

a very light and quite good coverage for loose powder..
there is also another fab two way powder from Chanel - Matt Lumiere which i do not have it with me now..

i have tried many powders - from the cheapest consumer brand like Cover Girl (does it ring a bell?) Maybelline, ZA to Majolica to M.A.C to YSL, Lancome, CD, Chanel remains my favourite..
They have the finest powder feel and provides good coverage and gives a non greasy feeling throughout the whole day..
thats how much i love their products..

thereafter, i discovered the magic of foundation...
i used to hate foundation a lot.. firstly i find pore clogging.. secondly i find it so hard to apply.. it doesnt even out properly (back then i din noe the magical use of brushes)... especially its a hassle when you are in a rush for work.. lastly i hate the thick creamy feeling on the face.. at least powder texture is so much lighter..
so foundation has been a no-no for me all along..
accidentally i had my first free bottle and decided to try it one morning when i was feeling damn free.. after all, i have heard raves about how gd coverage foundation is.. (believe me, i am not a supporter for cream base product.. i hate BB cream in fact..)
THEN i realised OMG how can this product be so LIGHT and FREE! it blends so well into my skin until i feel that it was the first time i see my complexion to be nearly perfect. (i SWEAR on it )
the one brush, all the past creamy hatred feelings faded away...
it was like discovering the essence to makeup for mi...
from then on, you can guess how many frens are being influenced by mi towards Lancome foundation..
to a point seriously i tink Lancome should pay me for some advertising fee.. because i advocate by it..
but no la, i am not so fortunate enough.. though i still wish one day, they can chance upon perhaps this entry and give me some SPONSORSHIP.. HAHAHAHHAHAHA

and yes Lancome (not that i am totally brainwashed by Lancome but they really do have some amazing products..) again.. an inspiration from a col... i din noe and din bother to check out the usage of a base primer.. after my col explained the logic of using a primer to me and after i have tried on the texture of this base, i was quite captivated.. it smooths out the complexion in general and makes your pores look less visible.. but please do not overly apply it becos the texture is quite smooth which leads you to feeling almost nth.. but over application will make ur makeup result to be cakey.. this comes from several trial and error experiments from myself.. n i tot all the powders cannot sit very well with this primer and i thought oh well, there's goes my money into waste.. not wanting to waste this expensive product, i tried on being less generous and it works quite fine fr then on..
it works especially well with foundation (yup Lancome Teint Miracle again)... if u hav always been trying to find the perfect complexion look, give it a try :) you may like the result..

sorry, this post might have bore those non makeup fanatics and GUYS in general to death :D


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