Tuesday, January 1, 2013

My thoughts for 2012 and a HAPPY NEW 2013

actually wanted to do a post at the end of e year as a round up for 2012 for myself..
as usual, found myself with no such time to do so..

doing it on my bday itself i guess sld b pretty much the same..

first of all, a happy new year to all my loved ones and for everyone who has crossed n mark urself in my path be it good or bad...

2012 has reali passed by in a flash.. perhaps this is how it works when you gets older each year.. the time juz slips past u.. its always easy for ppl to say make full use of your time.. but frankly i have nv felt i have made full use of my time at all all these years..

2012 had been an eventful year with a lot of turmoil feelings running haywire in the first half of e year.. i would like to thank my dearest frens who have stuck through and put up with mi with my incessant whining, crying and sometimes nonsensical tots.. really thank u for that.. without your constant support to bring me to the right track, i mite hav juz given up on the spot... so i deeply appreciated for it.. i wouldnt say its all smooth now because i cannot take things for granted.. but i will try...

in many ways i have never feel my life as very good, v smooth etc.. i lost my mum not at a young age but at a very vulnerable age.. to date, yes someone's words still embedded deeply in my heart.. i did regret all e time lost with my mum when she was at her most difficult period.. until today, whenever i see my frens having their mum to lean on, to confide in, to always be there for them, there is a twinge of sorrow, pain and regret that nothing in this world can put it back right again... i wish for her to be able to see me walking down the aisle happily one day.. the day will never come but i hope she will be with me on e day when it happens..

thank u to my sis for e constant companionship althouigh i am guilty as charged for not spending enough time with her.. i will try to my best in 2013 to compensate it back..

the opportunity to join a beauty industry opened up a whole new direction for me.. it is what i have always wanted.. to have the chance to do sth relating to my interest, be it showbiz, beauty, entertainment etc etc.. i am sorry that i cldnt stay put at where i should longer but the decision made did make mi into a happier person at e end of year.. although i cannot deny i still miss e place a lot.. i am thankful where e place has brought wonderful memories for me.. having known a bunch of great colleagues which did make a difference in my life in 2012.. i am very glad to have known each and everyone of you, though there are some whom i am of cos sad that we are not keeping in ctc as much as i wanted to.. but if you happened to read this, D, K, SH, YL, S, thanks for stepping into my life, there's always tremendous humor whenever i can get to meet u guys.. and to the remaining bunch of cols, thanks for staying in ctc with me...

as much as some of the revelations i have found out in later half 2012 made me upset, at how whom I once tot they were good ppl can backstab you when you are no longer in their picture.. tis is how much i often misjudge on ppl and lead to my own unhappiness.. but den suan le.. what is done is done.. i will try not to dwell on it... tis is how life goes on.. an impactful advice that i will always remember from someone powerful - in life you get to meet many ppl, good ppl stay and they are the ones who leave an imprint in your life. the remaining who did not are not worth your time to even tink of them... thank you for that advice

there are many things i have yet to learn.. to learn to put down n dun be so obstinate, dun be so opinionated, dun be always thinking on a negative side of ppl.. let go and let live.. its very simple but yet not so simple for someone like me.. i hope time will make me learn..

hope as the years go ahead, i can learn to be a better person to know how to treat ppl better...

happy 2013 to all my frens and family.. i really love you guys a lot muackz

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  1. Happy New Year too babe!!!!
    I'm still reading, so please blog more! :)