Thursday, September 27, 2012

continuation to my ramencraze

i think that is my dead spot... i cannot imagine a month without at least ramen once..

at least for now.. its my current food craze..

its funny tat at different stages i find myself liking diff type of food.. and once i like it, i can hav it continuously for a week, a month, 6 months so on and so forth without getting sick of it... thats how crazy i can be..

i have tried a few ramen places - from ramen in sakae sushi, sushi tei, ajisen ramen (i would say it typically sucks, not sth that could satisfy if you have serious ramen craving.. i dun even noe their ramen can be considered as authentic ramen or juz chinese noodles cooked in japanese broth.. cldnt even tink of an apt description for those deceptive ramen in these sushi places..), marutama, IPPUDO, menya musashi etc etc... what i missing is the Champion Ramen that im still completating if i sld give it a try when there are extreme contrasting comments for the ramen there...

conclusion is IPPUDO won my heart right right down... my all time FAV is the spicy miso tonkotsu... i tink it has the most delicious soup broth i have ever tasted for a ramen.. so much that it slurps.. and so much that it had me going back there once, twice a month at least... my frens are the poor souls who have to accompany mi to ippudo 80% of the time they jio mi for dinner.. HAHAHA... especially my POOR SIS.. but she is the most acoomodating becos she likes there as well la...

y am i so crazy about ramen? i dunno either.. i tink it pretty sticks after i was back from japan when i discovered ramen can be so delicious.. it sticks even more after i was introduced to ippudo.. then my craze lives..........

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