Saturday, September 1, 2012


was catching up on all the good frens blog n find that how time flies..
haven been blogging or even bothering to find the time to blog when I hav this tiny tiny spare time to blog..
I guess its all due to major laziness.. n e sudden 词穷.. hahahaa

not tat everything has been boring.. but suddenly I feel I lack e momentum to write anymore.. tots couldn't get translated v well into words.. so I choose to escape n not blog..

I have been to Korea but I hav nv blogged abt it tis whole year.. photos sitting in my camera the longest time n I haven even sort them out.. frankly, I dunno wat I have been busy abt so much do tat I hav stopped my blogging.. I rem how I used to love taking so many photos.. now I'm juz plain lazy.. bought an expensive camera, loving it to max but nv gotten around to fully utilizing it lately.. it sat v alone in e cupboard..

dwelling n tinking for the longest time.. I feel with all the time that has passed n I'm still in square one.. surprisingly I have come to terms with the stagnant events in my life.. though I can't deny fr time to time, the sadness still sneak up on mi.. helpless in not knowing how to move it forward..

there r so many dreams.. all felt extremely unrealistic.. all I did was sitting in my world n envying wat other ppl have done for their lives..

sometimes it's e simplicity that makes the joy in life.. I can nv learn that.. no matter how hard I try, I can nv b a simple ting.. so it leads mi to wondering perhaps if I can shed all away, will I be happier??
actually I will never know.. hahaa

so now I'm making a pact with myself to continue to do things that i always enjoy doing..
I hope amidst my upcoming busy schedule, I can still find e time to take my favourite photos n blog n share.. 

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  1. Yeah!!! I'm looking forward! :) *big hugs*