Friday, September 28, 2012

food indulgence

another food post...
which is what i have been pretty much doing lately..
meeting frens to check out new interesting places.. fabulous cakes n cookies (which seriously is not one of my craze..), endless brunch sessions, high tea, dinners...


brunch with my fav gers on a saturday morn... 
went to wild honey for this.. had it once and i tink its quite fab.. but the serving was HUGE... too full for words.. 
but we went to Carpenter and Cook after that still -_- dun ask me how.. but we managed to continue eating thereafter.. 

it was quite a difficult session for mi to wake up.. therefore no pics of me because i did not have the energy for make up.. 
i slept at 530AM BECOS OF MJ.. and had to wake up at 700 (but snooze till 8 den i woke up with a start.. that explains y no make up..) to meet my gers at 9am.. 

an impromptu ketupat cum hokkein mee session at my hse downstairs..
who can imagine 6 ketupats for supper?!?! none of us can actually.. but the very cute bf of xuan ordered 4 more ketupat on top of the 2 we had juz ate..
i am NEVER a ketupat fan.. n i ate the most ketupat record of my own for that night.. although i cant grumble much because the remaining is stomached by the very cute bf of xuan.. HAHAHAHAHA

yes, on top of 6 ketupat, he ordered ONE full chicken, chicken cutlet (by me) and of cos satay and TWO BIG plates of hokkein mee..

the very cute story is the poor bf tot that sian n her hubby were not leaving THAT soon.. he got a shock when he came back from ordering and sian was preparing to leave..
nonetheless, everything became his supper of the supper for that night..

I have to mention this! because jus one try from sian's courtesy and i fell in love with pine garden's brownies..
i am never a sweet tooth person.. but when it comes to these brownies, i cannot resist..
its so soft and chocolaty inside that you MUST definitely try if you have not..

Another cake that makes mi succumb is the chocolate pound cake from Freshly Baked at Killiney Road.. no pic because all were devoured before any pic cld be taken.. or rather i forgot about taking pic la..
thats another paradise food..

now that i have all the time in the world, i went exploring some places with xuan.. she brought me to this coffee place at some old school old school place.. quite vintage and i like it... though im not much a coffee person..
artsy feel.. i like being in artsy feel places.. n wish i had my camera with me.. hahaa

and finally the brunch from the artsy coffeeplace...

i feel like i can really lead a countryside life.. everyday just spend my day away enjoying life as it is... but too bad SG is a place where you will wake up to reality very soon..

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