Tuesday, February 14, 2012

happy valentine's day!!

actually i have many many things to blog about.. and many many photos.. which i cldnt find time to sort through and blog.. very sad indeed..

so i can only blog a HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY to all my lovelies out there.. i remember how we used to set dates to meet.. how we prepare the presents for each other...
but i also understand that things do change over time when we have no choice but to grow up..
i still miss those girly times we spent together during vday.........


i gradually learnt one thing in life, its the thought that counts.. and it works all e way up to the heart and remembers that thought forever..

its strange enough how i cldnt realli remember how i actually spent my vday for the past few years.. except for the first fateful year i bumped into dear BF.. when i tink now, i have no recollection at how other vdays were spent seriously..
except for a momento one where we cook for each other.. it stayed in my heart and memory forever because it felt the most heartwarming.. no expensive restaurant dinners, no expensive gifts.. but a kawaii to the max plush dog he made for mi as a surprise plus the lunch we cook for each other..
somwhow this memory is much more precious than all the others..

today, he managed another surprise for me which took me totally off guard... very touched at his thought and gesture although a bit heartache at the cost plus the fact that i cldnt keep it forever...
yes, you r rite, gers always like to say flowers r impractical... its a way of telling the guy that the ger cares which is why she din wan to burn a hole in his pocket.. although deep down, there is always a time where the ger will appreciate this gesture very much...

thanks for the surprise because i nv suspect at all that there is a bouquet of lilies awaiting for me at the recep desk when i was summoned over... truely touched n happy of cos.. hahahaa..
sometimes this once in a while thing is what that makes the moment worthwhile..

it is also very true that you will feel the happiest at the least expectation or even better - no expectations..

life can be very simple but humans like to complicate it along e way...

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  1. Yes!! Dont expect and surprise comes your way. I got a surprise today too and I almost burst out crying. wo men dou hen xingfu. Thank God!