Thursday, February 24, 2011

Hen Nite for dear Yun - the Scarlet Hotel

we decided to book a hotel for yun for her hen nite..

the reason for choosing a hotel in e end was becos many times we came close to booking one but changed our mind thereafter.. so tis time, what's a better option other than having a hotel to hav a gers nite together??

went through numerous selection from locations like in little india (becos can get a suite room real cheap..) where some felt it was a tad too sleazy.. to the New Majestic Hotel (nice but i felt e price was too steep for a small room.. we needed a BIG room..) to M hotel (which is ex..) to even a very nicely deco suite in i-forgot-wats-e-name hotel (which i love it e instant i saw e pic.. but way way too ex..) perhaps rong can enlighten wats tat hotel name again..

anyway, we finally settled on scarlet hotel.. becos of my distinctive memory of the rooftop bar..

im glad we made e choice in choosing the premium room..

<3 it so much e moment we stepped inside..

absolutely in love wif the design of the room..
surprisingly enough though, this is a 4 star hotel.. given its quite isolated location..
we booked a premium room becos we wanted more room space.. n reali reali glad.. becos it felt reali PREMIUM..
pls ignore e plastic bag.. sorry.. no time to pack it away..

more plastic bags.. three gers lugging so many things to the hotel for the preparation for the hen nite..
we actually spent quite a bit of time discussing online etc becos everyone's reali busy wif their own things..
most of e deco stuff, all thx to qz, she managed to put it together given tat short period of time..
me n rong wif not much artsy cells in us gave her e full control.. i can onli do simple paper cutting.. even pasting also need to engage ping's help den can paste properly T_T
very big space isnt it?! tat little quaint cupboard over there is actually e TV consol.. comes with DVD player samore..
a perfect room for Twister.. HAHAHA

even the toilet also so quaint n nice... but no chance to soak myself in the bathtub at all!

nothing.. just want to show how nice tis hotel room is :D

then absolutely in love wif this couch... and the big mirror...
a perfect corner for perfect camwhoring..

even the slippers also so nice (but i forgot to take a pair back.. i wan to go back this hotel again T_T)... my feet look comfortable in it.. haahaha

behind, the master at work, trying to figure out the best position to put up the decorated board..
in front, me using the opportunity to camwhore when i was done wif all e pasting.. 

a sidetrack...

i was pretty amazed tat i was able to put together my makeup act (although i kept delaying the meeting time..) at hm n got down to the hotel wif my makeup on.. my initial plan was heck everything, i juz needed 2 rest my terribly weak body at hm before gg hotel.. pack 5min, rest 10min.. n very nearly panicked like mad when e time was running short.. so intended to hav no make up n go hotel 2 prepare..
because overdone myself wif e alcohol e nite before.. went to slp with a spinning head.. n woke up wif a terribly n extremely ill body.. i onli slept for less than 5hrs den i forced myself up..
which explains y pack 5min n rest 10min..packed abit den v xin ku had to rest for 10mins T_T
throughout the 2hrs, i was hoping in might that i cld recover my strength very very soon..
miraculously enough, i managed to hold myself n even made myself up before going out.. alt the gers actually waited for some time for me to get prepared..

sash - made by qz entirely..
lightsticks - hard work by mi n ping breaking the sticks n connecting all of them together.. not an easy feat becos its kinda hard 2 get e lightstick stay tight in their connectors..

<3 the lightsticks effect TTM..

very nicely decorated all from QZ's hard work.. she's e most talented in arts among us all..
n we were still in e midst of preparing like crazy becos we totally overran on our preparation time..
yun actually arrived before we even got ourselves ready (actually mostly me haven got myself ready.. still got hair to make... so paiseh...)
we had to get her sis to help us do a decoy..
n tis naughty yun kept ringing the doorbell non-stop..
i tink she was v excited 2 c wat we had prepared for her..

so SURPRISE!!! for her

the bride to be :D
she came very dressed up as wat we hav told her 2 do.. but she din continue wif e pact we made to wear e boots!

all ready to take the challenges we hav set for her in her beautifully done sash..

finally a grp pic (very long nv hav a proper grp pic) but missing tingting :(((((

okie, mi with my finally done hair..
not reali finally done.. is not very done yet.. but i hav no time 2 cont.. so i left it as such..

qz brought us to Brotzeit - a german bar..

n drank nice german beer..

dark beer.. which is also veri NAIs...
wasnt in much of e mood to drink becos of the nite before's overdose..

the malt sweetness of the second darkest beer..
still prefers the dark one n e light one though..
but german beer is reali nice becos they r v light.. i like light light beer..

 the sausage platter which i like very much.. i hope e bride did too..

the sour cream potato which i din like very much..

pizza which okie la.. juz pizza.. not exactly a very huge fan of pizza..

but me is a huge fan of SAUSAGES.. real edible one i mean...

the pork knuckles according to much raves from qz n rong, is actually not bad.. for someone who doesnt reali take pork knuckles.. tis one is pretty gd..

just another range of sausages.. plus chicken breast meat..

grp pic again, thx to yun's sis who keep helping us take photos :D

tis one i reali dun like.. hahaah.. forgot wat it is.. some prickled veg???

n yun so excited initially who tot its a present 4 her.. took her less than one min to realise wat it is.. the very clever her i suspect was already on suspicion on the things we wan her 2 do.. so she guessed it v fast tat we wldnt b so nice 2 give her a present so early.. becos e nite was not over yet!

one of the simple tasks we put her to perform on e streets..
but in e end we relented la.. din get her 2 perform e full task... becos her ans wasnt very satisfactory due to unanimous objections..

took it on spur of instinct.. an orchard road scenic view..

the very sporting yun..

with a very nice and spontaneous and cheerful couple who wrote yun a very card full of blessings..

read their blessings :)


our grp shot taken by the very nice couple..

n not forgetting to continue camwhoring while yun was hard at work..

another one.. hehe

test ur eyesight!

n e last task she took was to get a stranger 2 buy her a congratulatory ice cream.. n she did!

the rest i decided to censor out.. hahaha..

back to hotel for the continuation of games..
pretty huh...

a blur shot becos too gan geong to get e self shot done..
standing in front of a very nice mirror in e lobby 2 self take.. but many ppl walking up n down e hotel lobby..
which causes e gan geong-ness in mi..
actually is becos i kinda paiseh.. so faster anyhow take..

feeling regal when u sit juz rite there..
xuan, quite perfect for photo shoot huh?? hahaaa..

e beauty of e lobby..
e rest were waiting for their turns to take polaroid wif yun..

the quaint stairway leading to i dunno where..

lastly, the entrance..

yes, again..


final grp pic taken in the hotel before everyone removes their makeup..

erhm.. to show our sexy legs.. erhem erhem..

and camwhore wif yun...

and lastly, scare u wif another camwhore pic of MI!! dreamy effect <3

finally, last but not least, the polaroid shots we took n gave to yun as a memento...

dear yun, may u hav a BLISSFUL and HAPPY marriage ahead <3<3<3 u always 

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