Friday, February 25, 2011

♥ Harajuku ♥ Japan

double hearts.. becos i reali <3 <3 <3 harajuku a lot..

its gg 2 b my absolute place to visit whenever i go japan...

let u look at the locker phenomenon very prevalent in japan..
one small locker is about 300yen... big one about 400-500yen.. i tink there's one super large one tat can put in one luggage which is ard 800yen.. but din c it in the railway station..
its not cheap.. but for a tourist or mayb their own ppl, its an essential when u need to travel to a lot of places in one day with a lot of shopping..
very clever of japanese to even tink of this convenient money making idea
u can find lockers in nearly everywhere in japan..
wat happened to us was we were so laden wif the food goodies from asakusa.. n we had to deposit the heavy stuff temporaily b4 we can continue wif harajuku shopping..

here we are!! excited!!

hungry max... tat was abt 2-3pm already and we hadnt hav any lunch.. so we dropped into the first restaurant opp the train station..

very luckily, the food wasnt tat expensive..
it is definitely more worthwhile to come wif a grp of frens.. n we shared e cost of food together.. in tat way, we can actually try lots more variety..
we were also saving our stomach for the marvellous crepe ltr..
the first authentic meal in an authentic japanese restaurant..

the super yummilicious fried rice i have ever ate for japanese cuisine..
other than e yummy garlic fried rice in shima..
so yummy tat i kept craving for it when im back T_T

e ramen there no matter fr wherever, its always super yummilicious.. like i mentioned b4, not many ramen house in singapore (except e one in central.. but e one in central also onli got e egg tats super nice..) can beat this ramen in authentic japan..
ajisen is reali fake fake ramen...

also our favourite... we like it so much till we ordered one more set for it..

at the streets of Harajuku now...

the MARVELLOUS crepe that cheesie has intro-ed...
it is reali so marvellous until i tot i hav gone 2 heaven wif it..
no lying...

we choose the strawberry cheesecake crepe.. also a recommendation from cheesie..
its a must-try if u step foot in harajuku..
i heard other than harajuku, e crepes sold elsewhere r basically "fake"...

strawberry cheesecake!

told e gers 2 give a 幸福 expression... they asked mi demo..
here's my take..

slightly better???

repeated pic.. but just to show tat we have gone back to harajuku once again.. becos we din hav enough of it e day b4.. so many things 2 shop...
the things there r nice though mayb not b nicer than Shibuya.. but its cheaper by a lot.. at least more affordable.. but no, we din manage to c any cosplay dressup :(

camwhore by the railway station...

then guess wat... back fr harajuku, we were still craving for more japanese food.. but at e same time we also craved for all the fast food in japan..
shopping non-stop has caused us to have no chance to fully enjoy e food in japan...
so here we r, trying our best to cram in as much variety of food as possible at nite..

ramen again... two days with three times ramen in a row..

n found e eggs we wan to eat in japan.. lazy to google wat is e exact name for e egg.. so lets juz call it egg wif half boiled center..
becos i rem central has very nice egg wif half boiled center n i cldnt forget abt how nais the egg is..
i tot japan surely has even nicer egg with half boiled center...
so although the ramen already comes wif half an egg wif half boiled center (gets abit irritating to keep seeing the egg with half boiled center.. there i did it again.. hahaha..), we ordered another 3 more..
the waitress gave us a shocked look n asked if we r sure we wan so many eggs...
yes, we sticked to 3 extra eggs more.. its not like we can find such type of egg at every alternate restaurant along e street..
we shared e egg, gyoza (harajuku one is def much better..) n one bowl of ramen..

becos we were gg to have.......................................................................................................


lastly, went into family mart n bought e asahi tat i <3 so much back to hotel...
they have this clear asahi which is uber nice becos its much lighter in taste..
i dunno can bring singapore or not.. so i nv buy at all T_T

still missing japan alot and alot and alot..


  1. Exactly, what is a Asahi? haha... All the food look so mouth-watering! I'm starved of sashimi and others jap food... :(

  2. its japanese beer!!

    n i got my sequence.. we ate kfc 1st b4 we ate e ramen.. wahahahaa..

    u can eat it real real soon! :)

  3. Next time can bring back the can beer, just pack inside the luggage n check in. Ive smuggled abt 5 cans back frm hongkong...hee. =)


  4. ohh! izzit..
    but asahi in hongkong is reali very X10 cheap..

  5. Will the can pop due to air pressure?
    Now now now I'm craving for ramen and the egg! :(