Sunday, February 27, 2011

Meiji Shrine ♥ Japan

before gg on the trip, rong n my sis had emphasized very clearly tat they wan 2 visit shrines n temples in japan..

so Asakusa Sensoji Temple with Meiji Shrine shall be..

in awe.. becos finally saw a shrine..
always see it in anime but tis time, i can finally has the chance to see it in person..
but frankly, if u wish to visit Meiji Shrine, u have 2 choose either autumn or winter season to visit.. else u gg 2 kill urself in the heat during summer becos it is a LONG LONG LONG walk in...

the water that has turned into ice e nite before we suspected.. n hence u c all e ice broken up in the drain during the daytime..

the cleansing pool i hav mentioned in Asakusa post... we din realise the meaning of this pool until we came to Meiji Shrine.. i tink there's a notice somewhere 2 tell us tat we hav 2 cleanse ourselves 1st b4 stepping into e temple..
imagine in tis uber cold weather, we have to remove our gloves juz for cleansing... brrrrrr...

i find e spitting of water into e drain v disgusting.. becos u hav 2 sort of gurgle the water in ur mouth 2 cleanse den spit it out.. at least tats what most of e ppl were doing there n we juz followed suit..

stepping into the shrine.. was kinda excited becos i can finally put up the tablet onto the wishing board..

three of us..

here's the wishing board under a tree!
i hope the wishes can come true! then i hav the chance to go back there again 2 thanks e japanese gods.. hahaha

in e shrine interior.. not supposed to take any pic.. but i sneaked a shot anyway..
some solemn ceremony gg on in the inside of the shrine but had no idea wat it was..  

still the inside.. sneaked erhm not just a shot..

then a closer up shot.. before the security guard finally came n stop mi..

putting my tablet up..
we were like discussing wat lang sld we write on the tablet.. chinese? english?? becos english felt so off.. but chinese, my handwriting is simply too ugly.. so aiya, stick to english better la (alt e ugly handwriting doesnt make much of a diff..)
sorry, try as i mite, i cant formulate a proper japanese sentence for my wishes.. dun wan to antagonise the japanese gods with my very broken japanese.. as much as i wish to show my sincerity..

i just wan to say again...



it is reali no joke if u wan 2 travel to Meiji Shrine during summertime.. wear e thinnest clothes n e most comfortable pair of shoes u can.. e entire road in is made of pebbles..

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