Wednesday, December 29, 2010

a serious wardrobe distress..

im serious!!

cannot even imagine rite... how on earth did i ridicule myself to a state where im seriously lacking in tops..

im racking my brains for a top to be wore to the dinner on 31st.. and came up clueless..

i have either tanks which r simply too plain or too ugly on me RITE NOW..

useless and ugly work tops becos i cant be bothered to doll up for work sake... or too many dresses but all dun seem appropriate enough...

and ended up with too many denim shorts fr e craze in tw with minimal tops to match other than t-shirts.. an additional two more lacey and furry shorts with even more no tops to match!

now im contemplating whether to rush for last min shopping.. or make do wif watever i hav in my wardrobe..

actually what im seriously lacking is the rite top to match tis festive season's fashion.. the shittiest thing ever happen is wardrobe disaster..

1 comment:

  1. You shld make do with what u have now...go Japan then spend... =)