Monday, December 27, 2010

my 2011 new year resolution

i know!! I know what it sld b now!

my 2011 new year resolution shall be errr... to stop being a spendthrift... errr probably from the second half of 2011 onwards...

not very well done.. but at least I'm taking a step out to STOP myself from spending so much..

I seriously hope so..

so it wld mean lesser trips next yr n probably e yr aft tat.. I hope I can survive..

lesser impulse buys.. I hope even more tis will reali happen..

I'm mortified at my unlimited sea of wants n desires.. people hav wat I also wan wat.. it's obviously unhealthy... for erhm a ger who is not born wif a silver spoon..

keeping my fingers crossed tat tis 2011 new year resolution will materialize..


  1. good for u!!!!

    finally, u see the light!!!

  2. hahaha.. e light kept gg on n off..