Saturday, December 25, 2010


is actually a city in central california..

but ended up as a restaurant name in vivo selling italian.. hahaa.. okie its not very funny..

anyway, juz a quick post on my xmas celebration wif e gers...

some mural on the wall.. mayb its e city in central california.. haha..

appetitizers from some sets we ordered.. but the appetitizers r not appetitizing at all..
onli e breadcrumbs r nice -_-
never am i a big lover for vegs...
i tried.. reali did my best to try one piece..
in e end e taste made mi nearly puke..

except for tis mushroom soup.. yummy!

another not so appetitizing appetitizer..

came their specialty.. PIZZA!
sausages pizza r usually nom nom..

contains shrimps which i cannot eat :( YET...

bacon pizza..

bolognese penne is incredibly nice..


leopard prints plate! so cute.. haha..


one of our rare full grp pic...
i was browsing pics to develop for them.. its goddamn hard 2 find a full grp photo..
found one tats umpteen yrs ago.. hahaa made everyone take a 2nd look on how we all looked like umpteen yrs ago.. lol..

my attempt at self taken grp pic..
goood rite?? managed to fit everyone in.. getting skilled at self taken pics HAHAHA..
but my camera causing many of them distress..
focus n focus n cant snap.. e gers had frozen smiles on their faces in most pics.. which i did not post.. HAHA

this one better.. not so blurry..

tiramisu which i absolutely dislike becos of e coffee taste in it..

err dunno wat cake..

and err dunno wat pudding.. but i ate it at least.. its not bad..

okie, thats all..
distracted by all e gift exchanges by then..






  1. You dont like tiramisu and that time you still ate my tira-fail-misu? TAI GAN DONG LE!!!!
    WO AI NI!!!!!!

  2. hahaha yaa i hate tiramisu.. onli when frens make, i try to eat a little.. hahaa