Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Another gooood buy

omg, i frigging love this new pair of shoes..

looks soooo old sch?? (urhmm i dunno if tats e rite word to use..) tat i fell in love wif it e moment xuan showed it to mi..

50% discount off.. and there i succumbed to the unresistable urge of pretty shoes..

omg, xuan, we r indeed very bad influence to each other when it comes to shopping.. LOLLLL.. but i enjoy all e shopping experiences with u..

though i forgot actuallly who is e one who told me she din reali wan to shop but in e end, well so u c...


  1. Lol! This is your only damage? :) what abt xuan?

  2. Hmmm ya! So which idiot said 'no shopping, eat only'?!!! Hai wo go shopping!
    Hahahaha............... *looks around*

    Nice right? Damnit, my pork trotters too ugly to fit inside. &@#*(@&#(@&*#$(@&$(&!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. xuan succumbed at daiso as what I would say "as usual" rofl

  4. Xuan's damage was minimal at Tangs - just a bag (which my mummy say is ugly. WTF!?!?!)
    Daiso was, yeah, 'as usual"..... LOL.