Friday, December 24, 2010

Seasons Greeting

Merry Xmas to everyone in advance!!

time for some new year resolutions soon..

while im still tinking mine, here's some sneak pics for e little bday celebration my sec sch sisters had for mi...

can you believe where tis cake is from??
the moment e waiter brought it out, i was tinking "waa, what a nice log cake for xmas.."
i seriously din expect a surprise bday cake..
my dear gers managed to hide it so well from mi..
even until today im still wondering how dear rong sneaked it in without mi seeing??
i was wif her when we walked into the restaurant together!

it looks like a log cake out from e restaurant itself, rite??
is actually the icing cake from the icing room O.o
rong decorated it all by herself n i tink its fabulous.. but she doesnt agree.. hahaha..

too nice until muz take more pics :)

the page boy shoes i always wanted to get..
little pressie from zhen n rong from zara..
:D see le makes mi v happy..

a dress that i bought impromptu and juz nice came in handy for the occasion :)


  1. haha...rem rong came late? i mentioned sthg that she cant hear me from the phone? and also at the resturant when u asked where she go and I said she went to "withdraw money". lastly, the plan would not have gone well without u gg to the toilet right after we stepped into the resturant.

    hi 5 rong for mission accomplished!!! =)


  2. no wonder rong kept chasing mi 2 e toilet once i said i wanna go toilet!! haha!
    n i totally din suspect anything!! loll..

    but how did she come n mit us without e cake?? amazing...

  3. were too happy with your new shoes!!! that u din notice her carrying the cake in her hand all the while...she was holding it the moment she stepped into zara...heehee...


  4. omg! peng.. serious!! i muz hav been dreaming.. i dun recall she carrying any paper bag tat resembles icing room!