Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Prelude to The Big Day for Junie

i was initially tinking of putting the title as the Prelude to The Big Day... then i tink it sounds too ambiguous.. it cld mean the big day for ME which leads to more misunderstanding which is of cos unnecessary... so there's e title specially for junie..

we had everything planned out including the hotel... tot of juz a purely gers nite lounging in the hotel room, having gers' talk through e nite.. we nv hav had a hotel stay before as a grp.. but plans were last min cancelled... led to a flurry of decisions that we have to make in a haste of time..
wif no hotel, we need to source for restaurant wif nice ambience n an activity (KTV) thereafter.. actually it was partly due to the KTV which was why we cancelled the hotel since we decided we werent gg 2 spend much time in e hotel after all...

first we decided since our dear fren is so SHY n cldnt possibly done wat sian has done previously, she shall b e princess fr e start.. wif a maid n personel makeup artist by the princess's hand n foot (not literally..), e maid n makeup artist targetted to doll e princess up for e nite..

makeup artist aka ME was late, well, actually not exactly late... its e princess hu reached the maid's house too early for her own good.. she has to pardon the makeup artist for having a bad hair n makeup day on tat particular day.. lucky, the bad hair n makeup day din materialise on e princess's face.. i would say it went pretty well instead..

digressing a little, i was already pretty late in trying 2 reach xuan's place.. supposed 2 reach by 2pm! but e bad hair n makeup caught mi up in time.. when i rushed down in a cab, suay suay bumped into jam in expressway.. so cab driver suggested a different route.. i tot i still hav quite a bit of time until xuan shocked mi wif a msg tat the princess n her prince charming had arrived! i kept looking at my watch hoping tat e cab driver cld drive a little faster.. he also gan geong n tried 2 go as fast as he cld... he asked a funny qn "小妹,你是赶着要去教书啊?" -_-||| in my tat gear up, how cld he link 2 teaching??

back to the topic, i finally reached.. here's e makeup artist at work..
busy trying to curl the princess's hair..

we took quite a bit of time to prepare until poor jer came n said "u all still not ready ah?" so the poor jer waited until she nearly rotted away...

the princess wif her readied hair.. the weather was killing us.. samore wif e curler heat.. makeup melt until cannot melt.. damn jialutz..

we settled on barracks cafe located in dempsey.. because i tot dempsey has a nice enough ambience for photo taking.. but was a bit cheated by e photos shown in e website.. in e end e decor though nice was not as special as i tot it 2 b.. there was a glass hse shown in e pic.. which i tot anyone cld hav it by making reservation.. in  e end, u need to spend at least $700 in order to get a place in the glass room.. not sure if tat's entirely true...

the menu.. they designed it like newspaper..

the interior of the cafe..

the table we r aiming for.. but was told tat its meant for at least 7pax.. ltr on, we found out.... (jer whispered to mi there was only 4ppl sitting at tat table n they allowed O*O)

i supposed tats e glass room i was hoping to get...

jer n xuan said e skinny pizza is nice.. there are so many varieties to choose fr.. we settled for the English Breakfast aft a long mulling n delibration.......... caused by my camwhoring...

the supposed AH MA look 50yrs fr now..

one metre long sausage in a bed of "grass"

super long.. juz nice e table length or slightly shorter than the table length.. junie e veg lover din like e "grass".. xuan was e only one chomping the "grass"... they have a huge amt of "grass" everywhere in the dishes we ordered.. u will get to c more of it..

there, tat greeny stuff is e "grass"
my fried cod fish main course.. its not bad..

this drink is specially ordered for the bride-to-be... looks harmless.. but see that blurred imaged on top?? tats e bottle of dunno wat alcohol poured into the concoction..

everything in.. looks v innocent if the bride din c wif her own eyes of alcohol pouring in :D
bride has the whole bowl to herself..

i dunno abt tis cake.. the gers ordered.. when it came, i was still tinking waa so nice..
eeks, turned out to be coconut cake...

the strawberry shortcake which is nicer... it came wif a small glass of milk/creamer (i dunno wat its called..) to be poured over the cake.. our dear bride-to-be took a sip of it.. still declared tat its quite nice.. all of us broke into hilarious laughter.. i tink she mite b a little high at tat pt in time.. she was all red fr drinking juz a bowl of tat concoction..

can u guess wat is tis?? i give u one chance...

TA-DA - answer is TOILET... pussycat for ladies, cockadoodle for gents.. innovative..

all along, i was sitting with the toilet right behind mi... i din even noe it when e gers said "im gg toilet.." "im gg toilet.." i tot they went all e way 2 e back for toilet.. usually toilet located quite at e back of a cafe one ma.. until a pt where i heard them discussing abt e toilet den i turned n look at e "pussycat".. i was incredulous "tats e toilet?" gd camouflage...


The bride-to-be was very worried... very very worried abt wat we were gg 2 do 2 her since she has witnessed how we has plotted for sian's hen's night previously... from dinner all e way till ktv, she asked non stop wat we had been planning.. she didnt believe we wld b so kind by dolling her up 1st without any forfeit????? haha my dear junie, we have been VERY KIND... lolz..

our idea was v simple.. put on a showercap n dance to the music we hav selected.. once we r satisifed wif her performance, we will let her take off e showercap n put on e bridal head gear.. NOTE: this only took place in the KTV room.. enclosed surrounding.. so we had been very kind to her indeed.. 哈哈哈

v willingly put on e shower cap.. but not v willingly dance for us.. haha..

wif e bridal head gear which i have gotten for her from genting..

P/S: she likes e head gear so much until she cldnt bear 2 take it off.. wore it all e way right into bugis.. of cos, there wasnt tat many ppl around.. still, given her nature, she wld hav took it off.. but she din.. my conclusion is either she's reali drunk fr all e drinking (we had beer in the rm.. not a killer but considered a killer for dear junie given tat she seldom touches alcohol.. so u can understand how drastic e effect has gotten to her..) or she simply loves the head gear too much :D

she got pretty high n v sporting n let us took a lot of funny shots.. shots tat she wld nv do if she's sober.. can onli released juz tis one shot alt i gotten her permission to post her unglam photos.. junie, im VERY KIND to you, isnt it?? hahaaa..

Last but not least, one of our v v few grp shots...



  1. Hahaha 小妹小妹小妹, I ordered the dessert cos it said there's cherry inside. I didnt know got (eeks) coconut. Whoops. :P

    & really?! They gave the table to a group of 4? :/

  2. haha ting u machang writing essay on day encounter hahahhaa....

    i tell u the drink is so expensive... aiyah... n din knock junie out... tink we shld juz bring her to sm place and make her drunk,.. HAHHAHAH


  3. i also tot e same thing when i was writing tis entry.. machiam like essay..
    recap ma.. for future memory sake.. lolz..

    YES!!, e drink frigging ex.. got a shock when i c e bill lor..

    nvm, we can hav a post drinking session aft her wedding..

  4. ya!! jer n mi saw a grp of 4 ONLI sitting at tat table..

    jer whispered "有种被骗的感觉..我们下次不要来了"

  5. Lol! So funny!!! I love the entry!
    And Sian... The drink got that alcohol taste which I dislike!!! URGH! But I still finish it! Not bad eh???
    Very ex ah? want me to share the bill??? I'm fine with it you know...

  6. hahaha, silly ger, hen's nite means we pay la..

    we juz meant tat e drink not worth e price.. cos it din make u drunk... LOLZ...