Monday, May 17, 2010

What can I do

when i have an endless obsession to the things i want...

1. when i have a million of bags at hm n have thrown a million of bags during each spring cleaning n yet still hoping to add another million of bags to my collection now?? the bags r unlike previous bags of $20/$30 price tags...

2. i hav tons of various cosmetics all over my place... yet when i visit each beauty hse, im tempted to buy more... even though i noe there r some tat may not b compatible to my skin... i am almost all e time totally drawn by the packaging...

3. my wardrobe is bursting.. but for e whole of workweek, im wearing almost the same clothes nearly every wk.. n every morning thinking how come i have no clothes to wear...
sometimes i find myself buying useless clothes.. clothes tat i-tink-MAYB-when-i-slim-down-i-can-wear category usually sit in my wardrobe for the longest time.. n eventually mite juz land themselves in the smelly rubbish chute..

4. e once-in-a-while wants on electronic gadgets like mobile phones, camera, mp3 player, WII do drop by to disturb mi n make my heart go all fluttery... then i will start thinking day n night abt it until i can get my hands on it...

5. be it that i seldom wear accessories nowadays... n to a certain pt i became lazy in trying 2 match my accessories because accessories r getting real ex here!! n they r constantly changing in style!! i am still unable to resist an on-off obsession wif earrings, necklaces n bracelets from time to time.. there r tons stored in my hse, not bearing to throw them away.. in hopes tat e design mite revive in fashion again.. especially a huge chunk of earrings tat i bought from my last few bkk trips.. all sitting in a messy clutter in one plastic bag.. tats how bad it is when e earrings had to sit in a clutter in a PLASTIC bag... onli prized earrings get to sit nicely as one pair in one plastic earring.. I DUNNO WHERE TO KEEP THESE FRIGGING LOTS OF ACCESSORIES... *sighz to max*

6. travel plans r killing mi.. i like to travel to many countries because of my love for shopping firstly.. i can shop myself n entrancing myself to death by mere attraction to things tat cannot b found back in my homeland... of cos for sightseeing secondly... tat will become secondary at times when compared to marvellous shopping in tat country..

i tink even if my father is a millionaire, i will use his million of dollars to spend on zillion of things which equate to overall negative asset value...

i admit i can never b thrifty!!

but can someone pls tell mi how can i stop tis endless obession of wants??


  1. Less shopping.. be it physical shops or online! and less buying of electronic gadgets and branded goods!!!

  2. Here's my step-by-step to cure addiction advice. (WHAHAHAHA, speaking as though I've no addiction). Hope it helps! :)

    1. Decide what bag style is most versatile for your daily and weekend use. Don't buy for the sake of buying even though it seems really cheap to get something branded at SGD150+. Buy ONLY when you know you will use it repeatedly, and is versatile enough to suit your clothes style and usage needs.

    2. Cosmetics, uhm. Not an expert. HEHE!

    3. Find 1 day, clear out entire wardrobe. See how you can mix and match your existing clothes to find new ways of wearing them. Layer, long skirts as dress, etc. Anything up to your creativity. If you're worried you'll forget about the different looks you can achieve, photograph them down (since you've your spanking new damn cool camera!). :)

    4. Refer to point 3. See, you make use of your camera liao. =P

    5. I love accessories too. You see my orange BBQ mesh stand I use to hang earrings? I sprayed-painted it so it won't get rusty & most earrings are displayed so I can easily grab and mix to my outfit of the day. In your wardrobe, mount a clotheshanger to hang your necklaces for easy reach. If it can't be mounted, hmmm, let me go think of a DIY idea and get back to you. HAHAHHA...

    6. Don't worry. I will (try to) control you in TW. You must control me too. Please guard/lock/hide my credit cards. Thank you very much.

    Muaks. Muahahaha, love ya sista.

  3. great advice!!

    u noe most of e time i heeded ur advice, but seriously i doubt i can resist e beauty of shopping in TW :D
    but i can try 2 control u....... i hope....... we wont go crazy in Taipei 101..............

  4. referring to ur pt 5 - but i got no place at all to put earrings hanger... ran out of place in my hse le...

  5. Hee~ I agree with Xuan.

    1. For bags, I think buying versatile bags like Xuan's brown leather Kate spade, will save u loads of $. Cos the bags will go with all kinds of wears.

    2. Cosmetic - Hmmmm... I tend to like to stick to the cosmetics which I use and like. And I will use it for very long unless the item is obselete. Then I look for other alternatives.

    3. Haha.. Yeah... What Xuan said is true. I sld also follow her eg. Since I'm packing my stuff, its gd to learn the mix and match now.

    4. Mmmm... I can only think of dun look at anything that have the latest electronic gadets on it. Steel ur heart against these gadets.

    6. You 2 can try to control each other. Hee~ Snatch the other person's CC the moment one of you start to whip it out....

    Act, u spend so much money cos u bother to make urself look even better. Like for me, I'm juz plain lazy. So I dun care and juz anyhow throw on clothes that's comforty for me. My mummy always say I v nua.... haha...