Monday, June 28, 2010

Ecstatic Victory!

i was so so so so so so happy when Germany thrashed England with a 4-1 scoreline last night!!

i have been supporting them since the World Cup in Korea in 2002.. it was my first time watching World Cup and no idea why but perhaps fate that make mi recognise n thus stuck all e way through supporting them...

i rem how sad i was when Italy beat Germany in 2006 World Cup..

Last night was ecstatic!

photo from Yahoo! News

But alas! Germany has to meet Argentina in the upcoming quarter finals... Dear BF supports Argentina, I support Germany.. wat a contrast......

Stay Tuned for the Germany Vs Argentina BIG n i assume gg 2 b a v exciting match... Miroslav Klose is e best!


  1. Haha.... Eric is sooooo sad! Throughout the whole match, he keep saying, "Dear, this is a stupid math!" Then he sat there sulking. Haha...

  2. hahahaha he muz hav been a hardcore england fan??????

  3. Haha.. Yeah he was... Man and football... Tsk Tsk...

  4. guess wat? i arrived in london just after they lost...i got msg wishing my happy bday and warning about angry londoners...lolz

    but i m a little sad when portugal lost today...poor ronaldo!


  5. hahaa so is e london street v full of angry londoners??

    germany streets sld b ecstatic!!

    when r u coming back?! enjoying urself well there!!

  6. ooppsss i became an opposition 2 ur hubby...

    if i were there watching together wif ur hubby, it wld b a funny sight.. imagine a photo of a sulking eric plus a big smiley faced mi.. wahahahahaha

  7. YEAH!! That could be a funny sight! I told him dun watch further so he can stop agnonising me... LOL!