Thursday, June 24, 2010


and do you noe what this means?


Cervical cancer is the 2nd most common female cancer in the whole world.. isnt it scary to know that? There are approximately 500k women being diagnosed wif this cancer EVERY YEAR... CAN YOU IMAGINE HOW MUCH RISK WE WOMEN R EXPOSED TO?? in fact it is even more not surprising to find out that there are actually 200 new cases being diagnosed on a yearly basis in SG...

What can you do to lower the risk of contracting tis cancer?

1. Regular Pap Smear (More advisable for women who have been sexually active before) - Would be best to conduct a test once every 3 year.. You can do it on a yearly basis if u r feeling kiasu.. Health is important so nothing wrong in trying 2 play things safer..

2. HPV Vaccination - This could be one of the keys to reduce cervical cancer among women.. Cervical cancer became one of the female cancer which can be prevented through the invention of HPV vaccination. I tink tis came into the picture only fr the year of 2007 onwards...
Cervical cancer is one of the phrase that I would shudder upon hearing it.. because it took my mum away.. Back then, I do not believe this had been brought into the market, otherwise my mum cld hav gotten herself vaccinated way before she even contracted this cancer...
Women or rather humans should have been grateful at how much science has progressed today.. but very sad for those in the past where science has not progressed that fast enough to save them of their lives...
I am saying this to the memory of my mum because I can never forget the pain and anger I had towards this cancer for taking her away just like tat...

There is limitations though for this HPV vaccination. It mite not work as well for women who have been sexually active because they mite have been hit by the HPV virus... However, they can still choose to go for such vaccination to reduce the risk... A wise choice would be to start getting yourself vaccinated before you are even sexually active.

Think... Think of your future children, your husband, your elderly parents.. You wouldn't want to leave them in such misery if such thing has to happen, will you?

I have pledged myself in the support of this POCC campaign..
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