Thursday, April 29, 2010



brought mi back to the days where i felt like a teenager once again..




seeing the familiar surrounding of the indoor stadium, the crowd standing at various spots camwhoring, the long queue of ppl waiting to go in... e excitement of anticipating the start of e concert... brought back all e memories of my v 1st S.H.E concert 3yrs ago... 3yrs le...

our tickets!! sorry, no bling bling on the nail becos no time!

the day started off not too smoothly... felt quite ill for e 1st half of e day as i was down wif terrible nausea e nite before.. threw up all my dinner in a total of 4-5times... i cldnt do anything except to lie in bed becos my body was feeling v terrible... by rite, puking out all e food sld not b causing such adverse effects.. i had a distinct feeling tat somehow tis has sth to do wif e detoxing pills tat i have bought... e 1st time i puked out all my breakfast, my 1st tot was "oh no, i am having gastric flu at tis pt in time!" i nv tot it cld b the pills... when e vomitting cleared, i continued wif e pills to lead mi puking out my dinner the 2nd time.. e feeling is reali downright horrible.. imagine u had 2 puke out bits of undigested fried rice in like 5times?? can u imagine e torture??
the entire nite i was turning n tossing ard in bed.. slipping into an on and off slp.. n tis happened on e nite b4 S.H.E concert.. cldnt catch my drama, cldnt play my fb games at all.. i prayed quite hard i can recover by e next day.. otherwise i dunno how on earth am i gg 2 enjoy e concert in such a state..
i did get better eventually which was lucky for mi.. but e preparation wasnt smooth becos fr time to time, i still felt sick in e stomach n made mi feel v lethargic.. (i recalled e 1st time i went for their concert, i got drunk e nite b4 leading to mi puking like mad e next day.. also nearly cldnt make it for e concert.. wat a fish..)
BUT i still managed to get prepared n got out to meet the gers...

we met for a ktv session to recap e SHE songs :D had been a long time since we last sang together...
i brought the lightsticks along!! essential for a concert!! without tat = no mood..

consists of e normal lightsticks n bangle lightsticks.. i juz hav a fetish wif lightsticks... mayb cos they make mi feel pretty pretty n can glow in e dark.. haha

yun trying 2 capture e glow of e lightsticks.. my cam failed terribly in creating e glow effect, hence e grainy feeling..

sang sang sang until my voice CMI.. nearly went out of voice.. reason was we were trying out all e super 高难度songs besides juz SHE songs.. yrs went by wifout much singing practice, my voice sucks all e way right down to hell...

it was quite a tight schedule tat day for us.. all becos of e ktv which opens quite late... (its a special ktv.. not e usual PartyWorld or KBox.. those r v ex, wanna chop our carrot head one..) we had a very short 3hrs ktv session n rushed for dinner.. grabbed a very quick dinner at e nearby coffeeshop.. yun said it used to be quite nice.. seems to hav deteriorate in their taste of food now..

this is the chicken rice we had.. as looks can be deceiving, e rice definitely didnt look tat bad until u taste it.. its not tat bad.. its juz not the authentic chicken rice taste...

the plates look too big for the rice.. make the rice looks like a paltry bit..

this is also okie.. cld b better..

frankly quite disappointing.. egg dish by rite sldnt b tat bad...

we took a cab down n reached there surprisingly early... we tot we mite b juz in time or late.. however, dun b surprised, there's already a massive crowd of ppl.. one crowd at e national stadium as our cab went by.. one crowd at indoor stadium..

life size poster of them...

i was VERY tempted to get this.. partly becos tis will hav their autograph on it... n its cheaper than e mkt rate.. was VERY VERY tempted to get.. deterred by e long queue n consistent discouragement from 3 苦口婆心 frens, i reluctantly walked away...

pic of e 4 of us.. still able to squeeze all e 4 of us inside all thx to mi.. O.o

tis time wif the tickets...

the stage!! its overwhelming when i stepped inside again.. familiar setting.. but different stage.. a kind of deja vu feeling..

tried to get e ursher's help to take for us..

camwhore again b4 start of concert..

i was in fact too busy camwhoring n cracking up all my lightsticks until i din manage to capture their grand entrance at the start of the concert.. so flustered when they appeared on stage n i was still there cracking e lightsticks..
lesson to learn: dun assume tat superstars take their own sweet time to start off e concert, hence i also take my own sweet time to camwhore n prepare lightsticks until i miss e grand entrance..




Here comes SHE!!

this is e part where they sang 热带雨林... n i forgot got wat other songs already T_T
i realise they always like to hang themselves up in e air during concert..

an edited pic of them from another theme during e concert.. e dream theme i tink... where they were dressed in sleep robes (PINK!!) to portray e dreamy effect.. tis is e song 梦田

abit jumbled up.. continued from the above above pic..

very cute outfit..

we were playing wif our lightsticks instead of concentrating at the concert T_T i forgot y we werent concentrating le.. too many lightsticks..

this is a showcase of their talent in drawing.. there's a series of such pics but i tink its abit too many too share.. so enjoy looking at e filmstrip... SHE is full of talent :D

purpose of enlarging tis pic is to show u how much i like Hebe now.. given e past history (for those hu noe...)

tis is taken after e concert.. we were still pretty high.. haha

trying to edit wif a soft focus feel..

n i was happy to declare tat we sat in tis train on its opening day!! e new station in circle line..

not many ppl becos e MayDay concert had not ended yet...

Lastly, take a vote, which one is nicer??

I wouldnt miss this concert in the world for anything.. aft so many yrs, they r still so gd on e stage.. n i would say tis concert was of even greater ambience than e previous one.. all of us enjoyed it tremendously... its a strange fate tat led mi to liking them n im glad i did...

P.S. the photos taken are wif my Canon IXUS 120 IS during tat time...


  1. I like the blue solid color dress!! The pink one looks like cotton candy, and yellow one reminds me of Big Bird. :X
    i like the 2nd photo with fireworks and vines.

  2. gal, i just rem...are the concert tix with u? Can help me keep one? I wanna keep the tix...forgot to take on that day...paisey...

    Anyway, NICE POST!Really very happy lo to go the concert esp with great company... =)

    I like the kisses and heart de... =P

  3. qz - haha okie no prob.. dun forget 2 take e tic fr mi!!

    xuan - tats hebe wearing it!! :D

  4. She's pretty!
    I need a new white dress....... Rahhh!!! :(

  5. okie, time to go shopping..

  6. Haha! I want to go shopping too!!! Was telling xuan we sld organise a shopping trip during the GSS! I love to buy things when the item is on sale - all thanks to my stingy nature! :)

  7. hahaha... i dun mind shopping during the GSS!!

  8. i shop e whole yr round.. muahahahaa